3 Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

In the industrial fabrication world there are many different cutting methods from which to choose.  They each offer their own unique advantages and because every business is different, their cutting needs vary.  The size of their workshops vary significantly, the amount of staff they have for cutting varies, their resources vary, the materials being fabricated vary, etc.  Water jet cutting is one cutting method for businesses to choose from.   Hypertherm, a waterjet manufacturer with which Machitech Automation works, explains how waterjet technology works, “Waterjet cutting is an erosion-based process that uses extremely high water pressures – 4137 bar (60,000 psi) or higher – to cut material. Used with or without an abrasive, waterjet systems excel at very precise cutting of a wide range of material, with no heat-affected zone.”  Water jet cutting offers unique advantages that make it an ideal choice for certain businesses. 

3 Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

  1. High Precision Cutting


    • When it comes to precision and accuracy, few methods are a match for waterjet cutting.  KMT explains how waterjet cutters achieve such precision, “Water jet is a very precise cutting process. It has a narrow kerf width, allowing fine contours to be cut, and producing high tolerance parts.”  Accuracy and precision are so important because not only does it improve the quality of what you produce, it reduces expensive material waste from errors or heat distortion.  Every shop wants accuracy and precision but if your business needs to achieve particularly intricate or precise cuts, a waterjet may be ideally suited for your needs.
  2. Material Versatility


    • Some metal fabricators primarily only work with one or two types of metal but others need versatility and flexibility in their CNC cutting system.  Waterjet systems can cut virtually any material you can think of including metals, reflective materials, materials with uneven surfaces, stone, glass, bullet-proof glass, wood, rubber, composites, and more!  When you invest in a CNC waterjet cutter, you can cut any material needed for your business.
  3. “Green” Cutting Method


    • With typical CNC plasma fabrication there is kerf, dust, particles, fumes, and more that all must be filtered out and removed for safety. Waterjet cutting is considered a “green” cutting method because they do not produce hazardous waste and do not necessitate any waste disposal which saves business money.   Additionally, the water and garnet that are used can be recycled and used again which makes it even more environmentally friendly.