4 Things that Set Machitech Automation Apart

Machitech Automation has been an industry leader for 15 years and has installed over 1000 CNC plasma cutting systems across North America.  We have state-of-the-art facilities and produce exceptional, durable plasma cutting systems for our customers.  We have earned a devoted customer base because we are the best at what we do and because we have the following 4 features that set us apart from the rest:

  • World-Class Partners

    • At Machitech Automation, we put customers first which is why we have carefully partnered with world-class manufacturers.  We do not use proprietary parts so that our customers can find the components they need to maintain their CNC plasma cutting systems quickly and easily, in any country.  We are the largest OEM for Hypertherm in Canada, the 5th largest OEM in for Hypertherm in North America, and carry the largest stock of Hypertherm parts in North America which helps ensure that we can provide incredibly fast delivery.
  • Service & Proximity

    • To put it simply, Machitech Automation provides the best service in the industry.  We have made extensive efforts to stay close to our customers that we can always provide the best, fastest, unlimited and efficient service and support.  We have the best after sales technical support in the industry and our dedicated staff and service department (including 11 factory trained technicians, approach every service call with a positive attitude.  We always provide timely delivery and highly individualized support including personalized preventive maintenance programs, installations, and tailored training.  Additionally, our Hypertherm certified technicians have college degrees in automation and electronics.
  • Flexibility

    • We are always willing to accommodate customer needs including producing custom CNC plasma tables.  We have in-house engineers and designers for production drawings and any customization needs.  Our 1500 square foot showroom provides demonstrations as well as conducts research and development.  Our product line is complete but also revolving, always improving and expanding.  We carry a wide range of products including entry-level, high-end and custom. Our customers are always provided flexible support from a team that has a high level of engineering experience.  We specifically design our equipment with no proprietary components so that it requires low maintenance.  We also provide CAD layout for customer approval.  Further, we provide complete documentation and manuals, including the component list and electrical schematics.
  • Solutions For All Needs

    • Whether you need plasma (conventional, mixed-gas, and high definition), oxy-fuel, water jet, fiber laser, robotic, waterbed or downdraft, pipe and tube cutter, modular or unitized construction, or more, we can meet your needs.  We can custom design a table according to your dimensions and workshop needs.  Our systems come with 5-axis head for bevel cutting, a drilling station, rolls, shears, press breaks, and other machine tools are available upon request.