Advantages of Titanium Cut CNC Plasma Cutting System

CNC plasma cutting systems are incredibly diverse, boasting a variety of sizes, hardware, software and features to accommodate a wide range of needs.  At Machitech, we know our customers are unique and we are proud to offer a range of products to suit the needs of their metal fabrication shop.  We have 5 CNC plasma cutter models and one in particular is designed for plate processing – the Titanium Cut.  The Titanium Cut features a bridge and rails system which is a modular design allowing you to expand your cutting table in the future and also provides exceptional cut quality and accuracy.

Should you be in need of a plate processing machine, we cannot highly recommend the Titanium Cut enough to our clients. The strength of the dual beam steel gantries allow widths up to 20'. Additionally, the it has an optional 30HP drilling station and tool changer. We know that our clients' needs at time of purchase may evolve over time.  Investing in a CNC plasma cutter is not inexpensive and we want our customers to get the most for their money so that, should needs change, they  have options.  The Titanium Cut can be increased in size as your needs grow.  Customization does not end there, there are many options available to customize.  There are a variety of table dimensions available depending on the size of materials you tend to cut.  The table supports a waterbed with raise/lower system and has a zoned downdraft with removable trays with CAD Fabrication drawings supplied. 

The recommended power source is a Hypertherm HPR 130XD to 800XD.  While customizable, the maximum table capacity is 8'' material thickness. Because accuracy is paramount,  positioning accuracy is 0.001". The CNC controller is an Edge Pro CNC controller – the Sercos III, which is a Windows based platform.  It can be accessed on a 15'' glass touch screen and has 2 USB port and network connections with up to 1GB memory.  It utilizes Phoenix software and has part program support alongw ith remote help, auto gas support, DXF import and shape nesting.  Additionally, because we want our customers to feel confident in their CNC controller, it comes with a 2 year warranty.  Finally, additional options for customization include “Full suite” technology by Hypertherm, “True Hole” technology by Hypertherm, 30HP drilling station, dust collection system, electronic raise/lower system (waterbed), full contour beveling, ink jet or dot peen marker, oxy/fuel automatic torch ignition, oxy/fuel torch (anti-collision and quick change magnet system), pneumatic scribe, removable trays for easy clean out (waterbed or downdraft), tool changer (up to 6 different tools), security system (pull cord, light curtain).  If you need a reliable, durable, heavy duty plate processing machine, we highly recommend the Titanium Cut because of its long list of exceptional features as well as its customizability and ability to adapt over time.