AMFI Workshop Recap

The Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation (AMFI) workshop wrapped up last Thursday, and Machitech had a fantastic time showing off our PipeCut machine to industry professionals of western Canada. The one-day workshop included technical presentations as well as the opportunity for attendees to get their hands on the various pieces of equipment being displayed. The folks at the Devon Research Center and Innotech Alberta’s Welding Engineering Team were excellent teams to have collaborated with by providing an accommodating and engaging atmosphere in which all could participate.

Belle of the Ball

The industrial pipe processing machine was a smashing success and performed admirably, impressing the audience with its accuracy and speed. One of the guests went so far as to exclaim that the PipeCut completed a part before he could have had it measured and marked for cutting. With its 5-axis beveller, the PipeCut is ideal for precise weld prep, mitres and saddle cuts, holes, slots, and many other types of custom cut-outs. Additionally, a floating chuck system allows bent or “out-of-round” pipes to be cut without sacrificing precision.

The PipeCut really stole the show.

As one of the main attractions at this event, the PipeCut dazzled onlookers, even going so far as to lure people away from other booths. Guests were genuinely intrigued by its capabilities, with Machitech ultimately leaving the AMFI workshop with a number of solid leads for us to pursue.

“Our visit to the AMFI workshop was a great success,” remarked Harv Loeppky, Machitech’s product specialist for western Canada. “The PipeCut really stole the show.”

That’s a Wrap

As interest continues to grow through usage and word-of-mouth testimonies, the PipeCut system is poised to make some serious waves in the industry. The InnoTech team also got a first-hand look at Machitech’s deep sense of professionalism. Senior Welding Engineering Technologist, Sean Watt, exclaimed on LinkedIn how Machitech was “such a dedicated group that worked very hard to deliver a very amazing presentation and demonstration. The service/install team worked to a tight timeline and worked in a very safe manner.”

Machitech would like to thank the AMFI Program, as well as the teams at InnoTech and the Devon Research Center for making this event possible. We can’t wait to collaborate with you again on future events and projects.

And for those of you operating shops in western Canada, we highly recommend taking advantage of the Devon Research Center. They are an invaluable resource that knows the value of innovation and how it can be harnessed to best suit your needs.

Cut well and prosper.