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    Tips for Improving Air Plasma Consumable Life

    Consumable quality plays a big role in air plasma cut quality. It is hard to put an exact time on the life expectancy of the consumable since factors like material type, thickness, air quality, ground and pierces will affect how often you will have to change out your stack. Typically you can expect ...
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    Understanding CNC Plasma Cutting Systems design

    When it comes to buying a CNC plasma cutting systems, there are many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) claiming to have the best option on the market. Variables in the manufacturing designs and key components can be difficult to compare and making the right choice is crucial to your long-term ...
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    Advantages of CNC Nesting Software

    Any seasoned metal fabricator will know that there are certain components of a CNC automated system that are necessary to achieving ideal cuts with ease and efficiency. One such component is nesting software. In the fabrication industry, “nesting” refers to the way in which software lays out pat...
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    A waterjet cutter in action

    Water jet Applications

    Automated water jet cutting is just one of the advanced cutting technologies offered by Machitech Automation.  Our water jet systems offer versatility in a unititzed system.  They are specifically designed for high-precision cutting on a heavy unitized frame which can be increased in size ...
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