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    How is Plasma Cutting Achieved

    You may know that you like CNC plasma cutting and you may know that it produces some of the best cuts possible.  Plasma torches are capable of producing some of the best cuts possible, particularly when controlled by a CNC plasma cutting system.  One of the big features of a CNC plasma cut...
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    Partner Spotlight: Hypertherm

    We at Machitech Automation work hard to bring out clients the best, state-of-the-art cutting systems available.  We are experts in the industry and craft some of the most durable and outstanding CNC plasma cutters, water jets, laser cutters, routers, tube cutters and more.  Not only do we ...
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    5 Advantages of Automated CNC Routing

    For decades, routing was a handheld process.  Though handheld routing is a beautiful art form and will certainly get the job done, it is not ideal for mass production or repetitive identical routing projects.  Though CNC routing machines are more expensive than handheld routers, the invest...
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