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    Machitech Gold Cut plasma cutter

    What Is a Plasma Cutting Machine Used For? 

    Is metal fabrication a key part of your plant’s processes? Are you assessing your options and curious about plasma cutters? For commercial and industrial businesses hoping to streamline their metal fabrication, understanding the capabilities and applications of a plasma cutting machine is crucial....
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    a CNC cutting machine inside a custom fabrication shop

    Is Plasma Cutting Expensive? 

    If metal fabrication is an important part of your business model, adopting efficient and cost-effective technologies is crucial if you want to stay competitive in the marketplace. Plasma cutting, a process known for its precision and speed, has become one of the more popular options for commercial a...
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    Operator inputting into CNC controls

    Who Uses Plasma Cutters?

    Commercial and industrial businesses are constantly seeking better, more efficient methods for metal fabrication in the hopes of increasing productivity while reducing costs. Plasma cutters represent a pivotal advancement in this sector, as they offer impressive precision and speed that many other o...
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    Plasma cutter making a cut

    How Do I Choose a Plasma Cutter?

    For commercial and industrial businesses engaged in metal fabrication, selecting the right plasma cutting machine is crucial for ensuring efficiency and output quality. Plasma cutters provide a sophisticated solution that allows precise cutting of various metals, but understanding which machine fits...
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