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    stainless steel equipment in a food processing facility

    Best Metals for Rust Resistance

    Professional metal fabricators, in addition to following exact specification outline in blueprints, also recommend the best metals for particular applications. When corrosion resistance is needed, some metals are better choices than others. For instance, stainless steel is often used in commercial k...
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    close up of plasma torch processing steel plate on a CNC cutting table

    Benefits of CNC Cutting Tables

    Computer numerical control (CNC), as it relates to custom metal fabrication technology, sounds like tech-speak but is actually simple to understand—CNC software automates the fabrication process to eliminate cutting mistakes and speed up production. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of CN...
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    steel railroad bridge with train speeding by

    Transportation Applications for Metal Fabrication

    By road, rail, air, and water, our world has never had more opportunities for travel. Each of these methods of transportation has an entire industry supporting it, and each requires untold amounts of custom metal fabrication to make possible. From the vehicles themselves to the infrastructure that a...
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    Benefits of Aluminum Sheet Metal

    Aluminum sheet metal has nearly endless applications across a range of industries and is used in automotive and aircraft body panels, electrical housings, tools and equipment, cookware and appliances, roofing, and many other common parts and products. Here are six key advantages of aluminum sheet me...
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    steel gears

    Comparing No. 2 & No. 3 Steels

    All metals can be classified under the standard alloy numbering system as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Steel metals are further classified by the unified numbering system (UNS). Let’s take a look at two types of steel: No. 2...
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    a ship surrounded by scaffolding

    Metals Used in Shipbuilding

    Shipbuilding is a complex process involving numerous raw materials and a fleet of talented fabricators. It is also a huge and ever-growing industry that can certainly be a cash cow for metal fabricators who specialize in crafting ship parts. Let’s look at three metals that are commonly used in shi...
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    aluminum sheet metal

    Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

    From food and beverage equipment to roofing and gutters, shipping containers, and HVAC systems, there are nearly endless applications of aluminum sheet metal across several industries. It is so widely used because of its many advantages. For instance, it is easy to fabricate and resists corrosion be...
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