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    How Can Water Cut Through Steel?

    While it may seem counterintuitive to think that water can be used to cut through steel, that’s precisely what industrial waterjet cutting systems are designed to do. The use of waterjets for cutting can be traced back as far as the 1950s when water was used to cut lumber. Today, through technolog...
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    Comparing Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting

    When it comes to custom metal fabrication, two of the most popular methods used in industrial settings are laser cutting and plasma cutting. Both of these technologies are thermal processes, but they differ in the source of their cutting power. While laser cutters use a concentrated beam of light to...
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    Main Applications of CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

    Custom metal fabrication shops serve a wide variety of clients. In fact, due to the nearly endless amount of metal products that are required by companies serving many different industries, professional fabricators need equipment that is both powerful and versatile in order to keep up with demand. T...
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    plasma torch cutting shapes out of sheet metal

    What Gas Do You Use With a Plasma Cutter?

    Plasma cutting is one of the most popular methods of custom metal fabrication, and it is commonly used to process mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other electrically conductive metals. Why does plasma cutting only work on electrically conductive metals? Because the plasma its...
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    a plasma cutting torch processing steel plate

    How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

    Plasma cutting is a popular method of custom metal fabrication. Its history as a fabrication tool can be dated back to the 1960s, at which time it was a revolutionary change—before then, metal plates were cut using oxy-fuel and metal-on-metal cutting, two processes that produce a lot of sparks and...
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    a variety of steel finishes

    A Guide to Stainless Steel Finishes

    There are nearly endless applications for stainless steel thanks to its natural corrosion-resistance properties and impressive strength. And while those two characteristics remain the same no matter the application, the appearance of stainless steel can vary because of the many different surface fin...
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    a plasma cutter processing a metal plate

    Two Types of Metal Cutting and Their Benefits

    Custom metal fabricators use many tools to fine-tune their craft. Two examples are CNC laser cutters and waterjet cutters. Both of these machines produce perfectly fabricated products, but they do so in much different ways. Let’s take a closer look at these two methods of metal cutting and the ben...
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