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    a ship surrounded by scaffolding

    Metals Used in Shipbuilding

    Shipbuilding is a complex process involving numerous raw materials and a fleet of talented fabricators. It is also a huge and ever-growing industry that can certainly be a cash cow for metal fabricators who specialize in crafting ship parts. Let’s look at three metals that are commonly used in shi...
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    aluminum sheet metal

    Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

    From food and beverage equipment to roofing and gutters, shipping containers, and HVAC systems, there are nearly endless applications of aluminum sheet metal across several industries. It is so widely used because of its many advantages. For instance, it is easy to fabricate and resists corrosion be...
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    Applications of Stainless Steen Grain Finish

    Applications of Stainless Steel Grain Finish

    The finish of stainless steel refers to the appearance of the material’s surface after processing. Some finishes are smooth and shiny, creating a mirror-like effect. Others can feature a grain pattern that adds texture to the surface. The choice of finish is largely dependent on blueprint specific...
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    Waterjet Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting

    Custom fabricators use a range of tools to produce perfectly processed metal sheet, plate, and other parts. Two of the most popular tools are waterjet cutting machines and plasma cutting tables. How do these two machines compare in how they fabricate materials? Before we take a closer look, let’s ...
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    Custom HVAC Fabrication

    HVAC Fabrication 101

    For homeowners and business owners who are investing in a new HVAC system, the performance of the machine will be a key factor into which model they choose to have installed. But while HVAC manufacturers may be quick to boast about the energy-saving capabilities of their products, performance will a...
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