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    How Accurate Is Plasma Cutting?

    Plasma cutters have a reputation in the industry for producing clean and accurate cuts. While this is certainly true, the accuracy of plasma cutting largely depends on the setup of the system. For instance, a handheld torch will never produce cuts as accurate as those made by an automated computer n...
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    What Materials Can a Plasma Cutter Cut?

    When plasma cutting was developed in the 1960s, it revolutionized how metal plates were cut. Before then, fabricators relied on metal-on-metal cutting and oxy-fuel cutting, two processes that create a lot of sparks and debris, which pose a safety hazard to personnel. Plasma cutting greatly reduces s...
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    Reasons to Switch to CNC Pipe & Tube Cutting

    Top Reasons to Switch to CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting

    Metal pipe and tube fabrication can be a tricky business due to the rounded shape of the materials, which is more challenging to process than flat plates. This is particularly true when fabricating by hand. Professional fabricators who specialize in pipe and tube production should consider switching...
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    Tips for Improving Air Plasma Consumable Life

    Consumable quality plays a big role in air plasma cut quality. It is hard to put an exact time on the life expectancy of the consumable since factors like material type, thickness, air quality, ground and pierces will affect how often you will have to change out your stack. Typically you can expect ...
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    How much is a CNC plasma table?

    How much is a CNC plasma table? That is the first question most first time buyers have in mind when researching a CNC plasma table. But there are a few things other than the hard cost of the machine when budgeting for your new automation equipment. The first one is obviously the initial cost of [&he...
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