A Closer Look at How Our BeamCut System Works

Innovation drives Machitech Automation to continually pursue new and exciting advances in plasma cutting. The BeamCut 50 is exactly that. It is a plasma cutting robot that combines technology, performance and flexibility. It has the versatility to incorporate other cutting edge equipment, including servo-assisted in/out conveyors. It has automatic in-line input and output and offers visual positioning. There are many things that make the BeamCut 50 unique and exciting but one of significant thing is that the system works on both sides of the conveyor, holding materials in place during operations. This means that the manufacturing process is dramatically improved and users experience tangible gains in productivity. The increased productivity of the BeamCut not only reduces labor costs but also provides a faster return on investment (ROI).

This sophisticated, state-of-the-art system is easy to operate. It has pre-programmed functions included which makes subsequent programming easier and far quicker. Additionally, detailed toolpath simulations reduce the risk of collisions and the delays that they cause. The simplified HMI provides a very user-friendly operating system. Also, the BeamCut is compatible with SDS/2 and X-steel software, as well as most leading 3D-software.

The BeamCut50 is useful or a wide range of applications, transforming various shapes such as H- and I-beams, tubes, channels, flatbar angles, and C-channels. Before each cut, the BeamCut 50 measures the piece that is going to be cut and takes its dimensional variance into account. This means that there is an increased level of part complexity that is attainable over standard fabrication methods. The M-710/C series is FANUC robotics latest generation. Further, the Hypertherm plasa source (HyDefinition HPR260XD and HPR400ZD provides high-definition cuts up to 2’ thick and edges up to 3.2’’. The visual positioning is faster than touch sensing. Also, asingle digital camera is mounted on the tip of the robotic arm which is ideal to mark and cut plasma. Also, a single operation reduces multiple set-ups and the related errors and manufacturing time associated with them.

The BeamCut 50 is robust and durable, the construction is ideally suited to the steel industry. The advanced controls facilitate the manufacturing process and make for an extremely safe working environment. A 5’x10’ sheet metal cutting table can be added to the 3D robotized station with conveyor. Also, we can provide a wide range of application possibilities depending on your specific needs. Our robotic cutting solutions can be tailored to fit your manufacturing environment and your material. When you are looking for the latest innovations in metal fabrication, look no further than the BeamCut50!