How CNC Plasma Enhances Productivity

Most metal fabrication shops high prioritize productivity.  Whether performing intricate and detailed cuts or rapidly producing a high volume of simple cuts, the more you can cut the more you can sell.  Simply put, higher productivity leads to higher profit.  Often, metal fabrication shops get used to the way things are and do not even know how much more productivity could be realized by upgrading machinery and automating processes.  CNC plasma cutting is automated so it is far faster than handheld cutting and Machitech Automation’s CNC plasma system features are vast, providing a distinct advantage over competitors. 

If you have been deciding what type of cutting system is right for your metal fabrication shop, plasma is an ideal choice for upgrading productivity.  TheFabricator explains why CNC plasma cutting systems are the right choice for enhancing productivity, “When you are considering operating cost, you must also look at your desired production rate. The cost per part is determined by the cost per hour to run the machine, divided by the number of parts produced per hour. Production rate is calculated by comparing cutting speed. A fair evaluation of productivity takes into consideration the number of cutting tools because you can easily have a machine with multiple heads cutting simultaneously… For the purpose of comparison, we will examine the process speeds using a single torch or cutting tool. Using these parameters, laser has the fastest cut speeds on thin materials (less than 3⁄8 in.), but plasma has the highest productivity over a range of material types and thicknesses, as it can cut many materials anywhere from 20 to 200 inches per minute (IPM). Laser is fast on thin materials, typically 30 to 500 IPM, but slows down on thicker materials more than 3⁄8 in. Waterjet is by far the slowest cutting process. Depending on thickness and quality level, speeds on metal plate range from a fraction of an inch per minute up to 100 IPM.”

Machitech Automation CNC plasma cutting systems increase productivity in two primary ways: ease of use and reduced errors.  CNC plasma cutters are controlled by software that makes executing cuts much easier.  The CAD and CAM cutting software tells the torch exactly where to cut and the appropriate distance the torch should be at all times (automatic torch height control).  With automated, software-controlled cutting, there is no need for painstaking measurements and slow handheld cutting.  The software will generate cutting parameters and then effortlessly execute necessary cuts.  It is exactly this easy automated cutting from parameters in software that also helps reduce error.  Errors in cutting waste time and materials which metal fabrication shops do not have time or money for.  But, with CNC plasma cutting this problem is dramatically reduced so that you can rapidly produce the cuts that you need when you need them.  Allow CNC plasma cutters to enhance your productivity so that you can also enhance your profit.