How Does a Water Jet Provide Exceptional Cut Quality and Accuracy?

How Does a Water Jet Provide Exceptional Cut Quality and Accuracy?

Is it time to rethink your cutting solution? Machitech offers several options that all guarantee a seamless, automated cut on traditional and nontraditional materials alike. For example, our popular cnc plasma cutting system offers five different levels of performance to ensure you receive exactly what your business needs. However, if you are looking for a machine that provides superior quality and extreme accuracy while utilizing natural materials, you might want to consider a water jet cutting system.

What is a Water Jet Cutter?

A water jet cutter is an advanced cutting system that allows the user great flexibility in cutting a wide range of materials. It uses a high-pressure, narrow surge of water to create a line on the object. For light-weight materials, only water is used, but for heavier constructed items like tool steel and titanium, an abrasive is added to the water to increase the power. It is simple for the user to switch between water only and abrasive power while operating the machine.

How Does it Work?

The operational process of a water jet cutter is actually quite simple. The machine is specifically designed to perform high precision cuts that can be increased in size as your business grows and develops. The versatility is one of the biggest draws, but the basic components and operation are a huge bonus. Here’s how it works:

  1. The user controls the machine with advanced motion sensors and inputs the material and the cutting specifications.
  2. A high pressure pump produces a stream of water to begin the cutting process.
  3. If you want the machine to add the abrasive solution to the water for increased cutting power, a granular substance is mixed in.
  4. The machine moves the water at extremely high speeds through the nozzle to precisely cut your material on the designated path.
  5. A tank catches the water and slows down the energy after it has cut through the material.

Benefits of Utilizing a Water Jet Cutter

While there are many benefits to utilizing water jet cutters, one of the biggest is that it can cut a wide range of materials without a change in material properties or a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). It also features a quick set up time and speedy cutting, which is important for any business that thrives on efficiency. The water jet system favors well with other cutters on the market, but provides motion controlled accuracy on the first cut. If you’re in the market for a new cutting system, it’s hard to beat the water jet.