How Machitech Delivers Innovative Technology

How Machitech Delivers Innovative Technology

When it comes to fabrication, precision is key. There is no one-size-fits-all method to cutting industrial materials. You require machinery that does exactly the job you need it to do to ensure optimal results and value. Machitech allows you to achieve that through innovative technology customized to your business.

Review and Selection

It begins with you reviewing your fabrication needs to determine which cutting system is ideal for your work. With the CNC plasma cutting system, there are five different options:

  • Silver Cut: entry-level equipment for smaller shops
  • Gold Cut: more accurate equipment suited for heavier plate cutting
  • Diamond Cut: extremely accurate equipment best for high-precision projects
  • Platinum Cut: large equipment made for heavy steel cutting and fabrication
  • Titanium Cut: strong equipment for plate processing

All but the Silver Cut line have a modular design that allows you to expand the size of your cutting table as your needs expand. Each has different features, power levels, CNC and height controllers, software, and optional add-ons to fulfill every project need. If you are still unsure which is the right choice, you can consult with one of our Hypertherm® experts to gain more insight.

Design and Development

Once we understand your vision, our professional engineers and designers create production drawings of the system. They customize it based on your specific requirements to ensure it will deliver according to your expectations. They constantly research and test in order to develop a product line that is continually evolving to match technological advances and current industry demands.

Although our cutting systems are tailor made, we don’t manufacture proprietary parts. Instead, we choose global suppliers who offer the best in quality, innovation, and technical support. This approach makes servicing your system much simpler and quicker.

Installation and Training

When your machinery is complete, our certified and college-educated technicians install it on-site to guarantee it’s set up correctly and functioning. We train you on how to handle the equipment and software so you can get the most utility out of your sophisticated system. There’s no point in owning technology for which you lack the proper knowledge and skills to use. Furthermore, we offer you preventive maintenance that is also personalized in order to preserve the high performance and increase the longevity of your new equipment.

The Leader in Innovation

From beginning to end, Machitech provides the most innovative technology for fabrication companies. The personalization available makes each product unique to your business. This, in turn, will help increase your accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.