An Introduction to the Diamond Cut System

At Machitech, we are proud to design and build a wide array of CNC plasma cutting systems to suit our customer’s various cutting needs. Our cutting systems are durable and precise and we provide world-class customer service to all of our clients. We also partner with incredible such as Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics to bring our customers the ultimate cutting experience. Each plasma cutting system has a unique set of features that will accommodate a client’s needs so, when choosing a plasma cutter it is important to consider the specific features so that your plasma cutter is capable of achieving the cuts you want.

The Machitech Diamond Cut system will bring to your workshop both accuracy and productivity in a unitized system. This particular cutting system is specially designed for high precision cutting on a heavy unitized frame. It provides a great deal of flexibility to the client because it can be increased in size as customer’s needs change or grow. The Diamond Cut CNC plasma cutting system boasts an innovative inverse rail system that is highly accurate. It has a 3/4’’ Agma10 Helical rack and pinions protected against dust and material impact, 1” linear bearings on machined surfaces, and rails that are installed on the material support. This particular cutting system provides exceptional accuracy and cut quality, ensuring that clients are satisfied with each cut made. With such accuracy, KERF is reduced and clean, straight cut edges are made. This extends consumable life and reduces errors while cutting. Additionally, our Diamond Cut system has many options available from which to choose. These options include “Full suite” technology by Hypertherm, “True Hole” technology by Hypertherm, 10HP drilling station, 5HP drilling station, 7.5HP drilling station, Camera, Dust collection system, Electronic raise/lower system (waterbed), Full contour beveling, Ink jet or dot peen marker, Oxy/fuel automatic torch ignition, Oxy/fuel torch (anti-collision and quick change magnet system), Pneumatic scriber, Removable trays for easy cleanout (waterbed or downdraft), Security system (pull cord, light curtain) and more. When a customer purchases a Diamond Cut CNC plasma cutting system from Machitech, our professionally trained technicians will travel on-site for system installation to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction. We also provide on-site training on all aspects of the equipment and software so that customers feel completely capable of bringing any cuts they want to life. Once installation and training is complete, we do not disappear. We are always available by phone or email for technical support and, should it be necessary, we travel on-site for clients for additional training, service or preventative maintenance. The Diamond Cut CNC plasma cutter is a complete cutting system and for the client interested in accuracy and productivity, it is the ideal cutting solution.