An Introduction to What Machitech Routers Can Do

At Machitech Automation, we talk often about the amazing cut quality that our CNC plasma cutting systems produce, but we are also proud to produce state-of-the-art CNC routers as well.  Our routers are capable of the best cutting and machining of non-ferrous materials possible.  Machitech Automation routers can machine wood, plastic and aluminum and are equipped with a 10HP spindle, 8 stations automatic tool changer and a variety of other features.  Our automated CNC router can achieve far better accuracy than handheld operation can achieve which is why our routers are so popular.  CNC routers can be used to make intricate designs, create unique works of art, produce functional pieces such as furniture and so much more.

Machitech Automation routers come in a wide variety of dimensions and custom table dimensions are available for our clients unique needs as well.  Our routers are available in the following standard dimensions: 5′ x 10′, 6′ x 12′, and 8′ x 12′.  Our state-of-the-art routers produce a cutting speed of 1200 IPM and has a helical rack and pinion as well as a drive on the X and Y axis, dual drive on the gantry, high precision linear rails on all axis, and automatic gantry squaring.  Further, Machitech Automation routers use brushless servo motors and an HSD Spindle 10HP 24000 RPM ISO30 power source,  as well as a Machitech CNC controller which includes an industrial sealed enclosure, industrial fanless touch screen computer, remote help technology, USB port, keyboard and mouse.  To properly control height, we use a counter-balanced ballscrew drive on the Z axis.  Additionally, our routers use a solid aluminum grid table top with 4 vacuum zone selection and downdraft.  And because we believe our clients should be able to customize their routers to meet their needs and we believe a robust selection of options is just the way to do so, we include the following options:  automatic height tool changer station, automatic tool length sensor, automatic tool measuring, 8 stations automatic tool changer, tool package including: 8 ISO30 toolholders, 8 ERP32 spring collets (standard sizes),  2.5′ face mill,  wrench, and bench block for tool assembly.   At Machitech Automation, we have used our extensive industry knowledge and experience, along with our strategic partnerships to expertly design and produce CNC routers that can achieve the most intricate, precise designs you can imagine and help you bring any project you want to create to life.