Introduction to the Silver Cut CNC Plasma Cutting System

While we enjoy educating our customers about the various aspects of metal fabrication and CNC plasma cutting, from time to time, we enjoy turning our attention to our stellar product line.  We do this to ensure that our customers know that we have a diverse selection of products from which to choose, as well as a multitude of customization options, to ensure that each customer gets the exact cutting system they need for their metal fabrication shop.  At Machitech Automation, our Silver Cut CNC plasma cutting system is a robust system that is ideal for small to medium fabrication and HVAC shops and it also happen to be the most affordable industrial cutting machine on the market.

The Machitech Automation Silver Cut is a cutting table that uses heavy duty industrial quality components for long term durability.  It is the ideal table for anyone looking for a high-quality industrial cutting system at an entry level price.  Further, it is a versatile system because it can be converted from a waterbed to downdraft system anytime the customer wants.  The system itself has superb construction and is easy to move because it is a unitized system.  It comes in two different dimensions including 5’ x 10’ and 6’ x 12’.  It has a 0 to 500 IPM cutting speed, related to process and plasma power source.  The gantry is incredibly durable, made of 6’’ x 6’’ extruded aluminum, V bearings, self-cleaning rails, and 1.25’’ pinion gears.  The clearance under the gantry is 4.5’’.  The Silver Cut uses industrial stepper motors on all axis and true dual drive.  Next, the CNC controller is a Machitech Automation CNC controller with 15’’ screen.  The maximum table capacity of the Silver Cut is 1.5’’ material thickness and the power source is a Hypertherm Powermax 45 to 125.  Also, the Silver Cut uses a high-end Machitech Automatic torch height controller that uses arc voltage sampling to follow variations in material.  The magnetic torch breakaway system is used to pause the machine in case of collision.  Also, it can be substituted for a roller ball floating disk for HVAC and light gauge cutting.  Finally, the Silver Cut has an assortment of options available including dust collection system, oxy-fuel torch, oxy-fuel torch ignition, removable trays for easy cleanout (waterbed), and source caption fume extraction.  If you are looking for an economical and incredibly effective CNC plasma cutting system, the Silver Cut might be the right fit for you!