IPG Phototonics

At Machitech Automation, we pride ourselves on the quality of construction of our cutting systems, as well as the state-of-the-art engineering that we use to constantly innovate.  But, we also know that bringing our clients the best-of-the-best is only possible with exceptional industry partnerships.  Our laser cutting solutions are designed for the metal fabrication industry and provide customers with the highest quality laser cutting solutions and customer support available today.  Machitech works with AlphaLazer and IPG Photonics to do this.  IPG Photonics is the world’s leading provider of high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers that are revolutionizing performance and utility in a remarkable array of materials processing.

To understand why Machitech Automation has partnered with IPG Photonics, it is important to understand the type of company IPG Photonics is.  IPG Photonics’ products are used in a wide variety of applications including materials processing, communications, entertainment, medical, biotechnology, scientific and advanced applications.  With a forward-thinking, innovative drive, IPG Photonics products are displacing traditional technologies and enabling new applications for lasers.

As a pioneer and leader in developing commercializing fiber lasers and amplifiers, the brand is taking advantage of their position to bring lasers to a broader range of markets.  In addition to their outstanding performance, IPG Photonics lasers are an outstanding value.  This global company has manufacturing facilities all over the world to meet the diverse needs of OEMs, system integrators and end users who want to integrate IPG Photonic lasers into their own systems. 

IPG Photonics creates fiber lasers for any needs, from entry-level to highly complex cutting systems.  Whether you have smaller-scale/volume or larger-scale/volume needs, IPG Photonics fiber lasers will meet and exceed your expectations.  Laser cutting is incredibly popular with sheet metal fabricators because of the speed, cut quality, and manufacturing economy.  High laser power fiber lasers can process thicker pieces of metal but the true standout of laser cutting is the speed.  In fact, laser cutting CNC systems can process thin sheets of metal almost three times faster than traditional cutting systems.  Machitech Automation could partner with a number of laser manufacturers but they partner with IPG Photonics because their unique technology platform allows products to high higher output powers and superior beam quality at a lower cost than any other competing technology.  IPG Photonics utilizes proprietary designs and high-performance components that have been carefully perfected over a 20 year period.  It is this dedication to and investment in being the best and most innovative company that is why Machitech Automation works with IPG Photonics.