Why Machitech Automation Is the Industry Leading CNC Plasma Cutting System Manufacturer

In the metal fabrication world, there are a lot of different CNC plasma system manufacturers out there.  The features are vast and the price ranges are huge but, nevertheless, there are a lot of options for each unique business from which to choose.  At Machitech Automation, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business and not only do we design and carefully craft the most state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting systems but we also work with world-class partners to ensure you are getting the best system for your needs.

Machitech Automation does not use any proprietary parts, which means our customers can quickly and easily find, in any country, the exact components they need to maintain our systems.  Our selection of suppliers is based on an assortment of features including quality, innovation, new product development and the technical support they offer to us.  We are the largest OEM for Hypertherm in Canada, the 5th largest OEM in North America, and the largest stock of Hypertherm parts in North America which ensures fast delivery. 

We put our clients first which is why we make every effort to stay as close as possible to them which our customers have told us they greatly appreciate.  It is our dedication to our clients and our top-notch service that is our trademark which has set us apart in our industry.  Just what does that top-notch service include?  First, we provide our customers with fast, unlimited, and efficient customer service.  We have the best after-sales technical support on the market and our dedicated staff is a team built of 11 factory trained technicians with extensive experience and a positive attitude.  We always ensure timeliness of delivery.  Our Hypertherm certified technicians are not just simple, basically-trained technicians but are professionals with college degrees in automation and electronics.  In addition to installing our machines and offering uniquely tailored-training we provide our clients with personalized preventive maintenance programs.

We invite all of our clients to visit our 1500 square foot showroom in which we provide demonstrations, conduct research and develop products.  Our completely evolving product line is composed of high-end, entry-level and custom products.  We have a high level of engineering capabilities providing flexible support to our customers and our in-house engineers and designers for production drawings an customization.  We specifically design our equipment to need a minimal amount of maintenance with no proprietary components and we include complete documentation and manuals, including the component list and electrical schematics.  Finally we provide solutions for all cutting needs, including: plasma (conventional, mixed-gas, and high definition), oxy-fuel, water jet, fiber laser, robotic, waterbed or downdraft material support, modular or unitized construction, dimensions according to your needs, 5-axis head for bevel cutting, drilling station, pipe and tube cutter, rolls, shears, press brakes, and other machine tools are available upon request.  When you do your research about different CNC plasma cutting solutions and learn about the various manufacturers that produce them, we think you will find that we not only go above and beyond for our customers, but we produce the best cutting systems available.