Machitech Provides a Variety of Cutting System Options

When it comes to CNC plasma cutting systems, there can be a vast range of sizes, styles, features and options available. What some brands offer, others may not, and vice versa. At Machitech Automation, we are proud to provide our clients with the most comprehensive selection of CNC plasma cutting systems available. We do this because we know that each of our clients have their own unique cutting needs and want options to choose from when selecting a CNC plasma cutter. Our CNC cutting systems are versatile, designed for businesses that are large or small, all over the world. With each cutting system, we deliver the most innovative technology in today’s fabrication and industrial cutting market. While other cutting systems may be limited in what they can do or how they can be customized, the CNC plasma cutters we have at Machitech Automation come with a variety of options that you will not find anywhere else.

The first area in which we can provide customization for our customers is the power source for their table. We carry a variety of Hypertherm and KMT power sources to choose from depending on your specific cutting needs. Additionally, depending on your workshop, industrial setting, cuttings needs, or preference, you have the option to choose from a water table or a downdraft table. Waterbed tables and downdraft tables each have their own unique benefits, as well as their own system requirements and tables can even be configured as hybrid water/downdraft tables should that be something in which you are interested. One of the most interesting options to many of our clients is the ability to customize cutting dimensions. Some businesses have unique needs for cutting dimensions that fall outside the standard parameter of CNC plasma cutting tables. Accommodating those needs can be difficult when most CNC plasma cutting systems are only available in a few select sizes. At Machitech Automation, we can design a completely custom table that will fit your cutting dimension needs and also help you layout the machine right in your shop. Additionally, you have the option to choose between a Machitech or Edge Pro CNC controller. One of the most important parts of the CNC process, torch height control, is automated by a selection of automatic torch height controllers that include an HVAC floating head, a Machitech automatic height control, or a Hypertherm Arc Glide torch height control. And, if all of that was not enough, we are proud to offer optional accessories that include beam process area, Camera, Dot pen marker, Pneumatic drilling station, Drilling station (7.5hp), Drilling station (10hp), Drilling station (30hp), Dust collection system, Electronic raise/lower system (waterbed), Full contour beveling, Full suite, Ink jet marker, Oxy-fuel torch, Oxy-fuel torch igniter, Rotary Pipe attachment, Pneumatic scribe, Removable trays for easy clean out (waterbed), Security system, Source caption fume extraction, Automatic tool changer, Triple oxy-fuel, True hole, and 12’’ clearance under gantry. No matter what your specific cutting needs are or how you want to customize your cutting system – at Machitech Automation, we have the right CNC plasma cutter for you and all of the options you need to achieve any cuts you want.