Automation Solutions Showcased at AMFI Program

Machitech is happy to be taking part in the Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation (AMFI) Program on March 8th, 2018, where we will be showcasing our highly innovative PipeCut machine. The one-day workshop will include technical presentations as well as the opportunity for attendees to get their hands on the various pieces of equipment being displayed. InnoTech Alberta’s Welding Engineering Team is hosting the event at the Devon Research Centre where they will be highlighting some of the latest automation solutions and advanced cutting/end-preparation techniques.

Innovative Design

Machitech’s industrial pipe processing machine is designed for the structural steel industry and accommodates pipes ranging from 2” to 48” in diameter. With its 5-axis beveller, the PipeCut is ideal for precise weld prep, mitres and saddle cuts, holes, slots, and many other types of custom cut-outs. Additionally, a floating chuck system allows bent or “out-of-round” pipes to be cut without sacrificing accuracy. Complete with Machitech’s patented Inverted Rails System that protects against dust and material impacts, the PipeCut is one the most exciting pieces of equipment we have the privilege to share with audiences. What’s more is that the machine being sent to the AMFI workshop houses a 4’ x 8’ flat plate cutting area specifically designed for working on domes or plate steel.

For ease of operation, the PipeCut is outfitted with a Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC controller using Windows-based software for maximum compatibility. Combined with Rotary Tube Pro™ design software, Machitech’s PipeCut offers versatile automation solutions for pipe cutting without the need for extensive 3D CAD experience. The 15″ glass touchscreen is encased in industrial-grade controller housing that is fixed to the gantry, providing a stable and accessible operating space.

Now if all that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. So, stay tuned, because the Machitech PipeCut is heading to Alberta in just a couple weeks for some good ol’ one-on-one time with keen industry professionals. And don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on its performance and reception from the crowd at the AMFI workshop!

Cut well and prosper.