Overview of Laser Cutting

The CNC plasma cutting world utilizes technology that continues to evolve so that better cutting precision can be achieved while also being able to machine objects more quickly. Machitech is proud to have partnered with Alpha Laser to bring our customers the latest technology is laser cutting. Laser cutting technology, generally speaking, is the use of a laser beam to cut a variety of materials. A CAD-guided tube emits a laser beam to provide a very specific, fine cut quality. The laser head is what focuses the laser beam where you want it and the machine is guided by software with your cutting parameters. Through the use of laser cutting, paired with excellent software, you can achieve the highest cut quality possible.

Through the partnership of Machitech and Alpha Laser, clients can cut and machine metal, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and more. When our clients purchase a laser cutting system they are not just getting the laser cutting machine but the software and support as well. Once installed, clients can input their CAD drawings or artwork and our software will program cutting parameters and specific details so the machine knows exactly where to place the laser beam for the most accurate cut. Additionally, height is controlled automatically between the laser head and the materials being cut which is highly important because if the height is either too close or too far cut quality will be affected. With automatic height control, KERF is reduced to provide the cleanest cuts. These features are just a few ways we streamline the cutting process for our clients and make laser cutting as simple, quick and accurate as possible. In addition, our laser cutting systems are best described as “plug and play.” Our modular systems are easy to install and require little-to-no maintenance. Our machines have the lowest possible running cost and have a wallplug efficiency of 30%. Simply put, laser cutting provides a myriad of advantages to other cutting options. It has a lower cost to operate, a quicker cutting speed and more accurate cuts. Need to machine a lot of small parts to the exact same parameters? Reduce cutting time dramatically with laser cutting. Want to create an intricate and beautiful piece of metal art? Get the best cut quality with laser cutting. It is as simple as plugging your USB into the system, selecting your CAD drawing or artwork, and allowing the software to set the cutting parameters. Allow Machitech and Alpha Laser to provide you with the highest quality laser cutting system available on the market so that you can begin experiencing the kind of cut speed and quality of which you have always dreamt.