Service and Proximity Set Machitech Automation Apart in the CNC Plasma Cutting Industry

We can’t say this enough – the reason we have loyal customers is because we produce the highest quality systems and because we provide outstanding customer service.  So many CNC plasma cutter manufacturers will try to offer you a bargain on a stripped-down, no frills system that ultimately needs additional investment to provide the kind of ease-of-use and cutting ability that you need.  And, just try to give them a call and get help before or after the purchase.  They may provide a little phone support but that is it.  And so often, that is simply not enough.  At Machitech Automation, we provide service and proximity so that we can provide the highest quality service to our customers.

Service and proximity is our trademark and it is important to us that we stay as close to our customers as possible.  And, it is not just to make our working lives easier or boost our sales – our customers truly appreciate it.  By doing so, we are able to provide fast, unlimited, efficient and exceptional customer service.  Additionally, be being close we are able to provide timeliness of delivery. Once you order your system, you will not have to wait an endless amount of time for manufacturing and delivery.  Even though we provide on-site installation and tailored training your metal fabrication shop’s unique needs but we are there to provide support long after installation.  We have the best after sales technical support on the market, hands down.  At Machitech Automation, our dedicated staff always has a positive attitude and a willingness to help you better use your CNC plasma cutting system.  But, make no mistake, they do not just have a positive attitude, they really know their stuff.   Our technicians are incredibly well-trained and are also Hypertherm certified technicians that all have college degrees in automation and electronics that make them uniquely qualified and outstandingly helpful.  In addition to as-needed customer assistance, we can also customize a personalized preventive maintenance program for your CNC plasma cutting system.   Machitech Automation is dedicated to innovation and exceptional manufacturing of CNC plasma cutting systems but none of it matters if we cannot provide the kind of service that our customers deserve.  Service and proximity are two pillars of our approach to business and we work hard to provide the best customer service in the industry by not just outstanding service but proximity to our customers as well.