Transportation Applications for Metal Fabrication

steel railroad bridge with train speeding by

By road, rail, air, and water, our world has never had more opportunities for travel. Each of these methods of transportation has an entire industry supporting it, and each requires untold amounts of custom metal fabrication to make possible. From the vehicles themselves to the infrastructure that allows people to use them, metal is present in almost every component. Custom fabrication companies can certainly keep the jobs rolling in when they specialize in manufacturing metal products for transportation industries. Let’s take a closer look at custom metal applications for each of these industries.


Steel and other metals have a long history in the automotive industry. In the early days, the entire structure of a car or truck was made from steel, even the body. Safety features have greatly improved over the years, and even though car bodies are now made from fiberglass, the chassis are still crafted from durable steel. Metal is also used in the manufacturing of steering-wheel columns, seat frames, trunk lids, suspension systems, and wheels.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “railroad”? Likely a pair of steel rails leading off into the horizon. In fact, railroad lines form a metaphorical backbone of transit capabilities for people and goods, and almost the entire nationwide infrastructure relies on custom metal fabrication. From the rails and bolts that hold them together to the various types of railcars, such as passenger coaches, boxcars, flatcars, and hoppers—all are crafted with steel and other metals.


As with ground transportation vehicles, aircraft require numerous custom fabricated metal parts to build. The fuselage, wings, landing gear, engines, rotor blades, seat frames, and all the nuts, bolts, and fasteners that hold these materials together all contain metal components. Additionally, airports, maintenance shelters, and other aviation infrastructure are constructed with structural steel and other metals.

Water Transportation

Though it may seem counterintuitive to build watercraft with a heavy metal material, both steel and aluminum are often used in constructing boats and ships. Large container ships are typically built with structural steel, and smaller seafaring vessels that rely more on speed may be crafted with aluminum. Bulkheads, decks, propulsion systems, and numerous other parts of a ship’s infrastructure require custom fabricated metal.

Public Transportation Infrastructure

Public transportation systems require infrastructure to support public access. Most of the components that make up this infrastructure require custom metal parts. These metal parts are used to manufacture platforms, guardrails, walkways, stairwells, handrails, bridges, tunnels, overpasses, and even the trams, trolleys, and busses that people ride on.

Fabricating Custom Parts for Transportation Industries

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