Why use a straight gear versus helical gears?

Inversed Rail by Machitech

There are two types of gears used on CNC plasma tables, the spur gear and the helical gear. These rack and pinions system are high precision and Agma-10 class, the best standard in the industry. Our gears are not using all designed without key-way, which requires no maintenance from the user.  They are also machined for more fluidity and a more uniform movement.


The first one is the spur-gear. Their teeth are parallel to the rotation axis. Therefore, the table’s movement is done by the rotation of the teeth from the rack and pinion. They are often put on equipment with V rails such as Gold Cut and Silver Cut.

Its main advantage is that it offers a value for money. Furthermore, they do not generate axial thrust. The spur-gear is the choice for more precise cuts and slower cutting speeds.

The second one is the helical gear. Their angled teeth allow a movement of more than one tooth simultaneously. This type of drive reduce the vibration from the machine.

The main advantage of this gear is that it transmits more power. They have more teeth to move more weight. Compared to the spur gear, the helical gear requires less maintenance.

Also, the helical gear are more precise and rapid than the spur gear. This type of rack and pinion may be more expensive, but the customer will see a return on their investment, because the production will increase.

In conclusion, each equipement has precise needs in terms of movement. For more information, contact Machitech USA