5 Advantages of Automated CNC Routing

For decades, routing was a handheld process.  Though handheld routing is a beautiful art form and will certainly get the job done, it is not ideal for mass production or repetitive identical routing projects.  Though CNC routing machines are more expensive than handheld routers, the investment offers a number of advantages.  Below are 5 advantages of CNC routers, such as those produced by Machitech Automation.

  1. Precision and Accuracy

    • Handheld operation may get you up close and personal with the material you are fabricating but it has a far higher margin for error.  Humans simply can only produce so much precision and accuracy.  Even the steadiest hand can make a few errors.  Because a CNC router is controlled by computer software that communicates with the router, it gets precise instructions about routing parameters to ensure it completes the most precise and accurate work.  Because of increased accuracy, waste will be dramatically reduced which will also save money and time.
  2. Repeatability

    • Because of the aforementioned precision due to automation, repeatability with a CNC router is much easier than with a handheld router.  A CNC router can route the exact same thing over and over again with speed and accuracy, saving time and money by reducing waste and expediting work. Because it is an automated system, the machinery could literally be left over night and it would continue to route materials through the night.  The repeatability potential is truly outstanding.
  3. Ease of Operation

    • Automated CNC routers are exceptionally easy to use.  With some simple training, technicians can be taught how to use the CNC router software without needing to worry about being trained how to safely and effectively perform handheld router operation. 
  4. Reduced Manpower Costs

    • Because it is easy to use, accurate and quick, a CNC router dramatically reduces manpower costs.  Jobs that would have taken multiple CNC router technicians to complete with handheld routers can be completed rapidly and accurately with an automated CNC routing system.  A far smaller team is needed for programming the CNC router software and completing the routing process.  Not only does it save money to reduce manpower costs, it literally pays for the CNC router itself.
  5. Improved Safety

    • Operating a handheld CNC router poses great risk to the operator and those around them.  Machitech Automation CNC routers are complete with safety features that protect against accidents that could seriously injure people and risk damaging fabrication shops.