Advantages of CNC Nesting Software

Any seasoned metal fabricator will know that there are certain components of a CNC automated system that are necessary to achieving ideal cuts with ease and efficiency. One such component is nesting software. In the fabrication industry, “nesting” refers to the way in which software lays out patterns to minimize raw material waste. Nesting software will use its nesting algorithm to look at the parts and quantities necessary as well as the size of the sheet of material being fabricated and then orient the parts to fit the maximum amount of cuts on one sheet which reduces wasted material. Every nesting software is different and has different features and options to adjust how you nest your parts.

Nesting software imports the geometry of your parts from your CAD program so all of your software must work seamlessly together to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. When you invest in a Machitech Automation CNC cutting sysem, your system comes with CAD/CAM software as well as the highest quality nesting software available and they work exceptionally well together to make the cutting process as easy as possible. We utilize Hypertherm ProNest® nesting software because they are an industry leader in CAM nesting software for CNC sheet and plate cutting applications. These applications include plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, combination punch, drill/tap/spindle, and turret punch. There are a variety of nesting software solutions to meet your unique metal fabrication shop environment and needs.

Hypertherm ProNest is designed to help fabricators and manufacturers increase material savings, boost productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve part quality. They have three nesting software options from which to choose depending on your unique needs. ProNest is designed for advanced cutting including high density plasma, fiber, CO2 laser, waterjet, and advanced oxyfuel processes. It is an intuitive solution for advanced multi-process profiling operations. ProNest LT is designed for intermediate cutting needs including conventional plasma and oxyfuel applications in an easy to learn and use package. Finally, ProNest LTS is an entry-level nesting software option for introductory conventional plasma and oxyfuel applications that is also easy to learn and use. Even the most inexperienced operator will feel comfortable working with this software and will be immediately reaping the benefits of nesting software including improved efficiency and productivity as well as cost-savings. When you invest in a CNC cutting system, it is important that you maximize your investment and that includes high quality CAD/CAM software as well as state-of-the-art nesting software.