Advantages of Robotic Cutting System (Tube Cutting)

Automatic cutting of a flat sheet of metal may seem like a relatively straight-forward task. The software takes the dimensions and drawings into account and tells the torch where to go. But, When you are cutting something that is not a simple, flat sheet, it gets a bit more complicated. Automated cutting is not lost though, Machitech has partnered with BeamCut to provide our clients with a robotic plasma cutting solution for tubes and beams. BeamCut robotic tube cutting system provides the perfect combination of technology, performance and flexibility.

The BeamCut robotic cutting system is a unique and incredibly useful tool when cutting things like tubes and beams and provides a vast amount of benefits that make it a better option than other cutting options. First, it has automatic in-line input and output with visual positioning which is much faster that touch sensing. It is a truly versatile cutting method that allows the user to incorporate other cutting edge equipment including servo-assisted in/out conveyors. The system works on both sides of the conveyor and holds material in place during operations. Everything about this system is designed to make cutting easier and its pre-programmed functions are included to make subsequent programming easier and quicker. Detailed toolpath simulations reduce the risk of collissions and the very frustrating delays that they tend to cause. The BeamCut system is compatible with most leading 3D software as well as SDS/2 and X-Steel software.

When you make an investment in a BeamCut tube cutting system you will see a quick return on your investment because it dramatically improves the manufacturing process, increases the level of part compexity attainable over stndard methods, is easy to operate and provides an unparalleled cut quality. Because this system will cut your material more quickly and more accurately, and because it is automated, your labor costs will be significantly reduced as well. The simplified HMI provides a user-friendly operating system. There are a wide range of application which will transform various shapes such as H and I beams, tubes, channels, flatbars, angles and C-channel materials. You will begin to immediately feel the tangible gains in productivity and the advanced controls will facilitate the manufacturing process which makes for an extremely safe working environment.

For an example of how the BeamCut system will cut your materials and what exactly it is capable of, let’s look at the BeamCut 50. Before each cut, the BeamCut 50 measures the piece to cut and takes its dimensional variance into account. It is capable of cutting up to 2” thick and edges up to 3.2″. The way it achieves such precise automated cuts is because it has a single digital camera that is mounted on the tip of the robot arm which is ideal to mark and cut plasma. The robust construction of the BeamCut 50, in particular, is ideally suited to the steel industry. Additionally, a 5′ x 10′ sheet metal cutting table can be added to the 3D robotized station with conveyor. These robotic cutting solutions are designed to fit your manufacturing environment and your materials. Whatever you cutting needs are, the BeamCut robotic plasma tube cutting system is the ideal choice to help bring your projects to life and achieve the perfect, most accurate cut every time.