Applications for Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

Fiber laser cutting continues to accelerate in the market as an advanced cutting option. Fiber lasers have a smaller beam diameter than CO2 lasers which provides a more precise cut, as well as a decreased kerf width and heat penetration.  Fiber lasers use a highly focused beam of light to engrave or completely cut through a variety of materials.  The beam is controlled by CNC CAD drawing and CAM cutting software so that the laser is moved with precision to create even the most intricate of work.  Fiber laser cutting systems are exceptionally useful for a variety of applications and materials.

Fiber lasers can cut a variety of steel types, a variety of aluminum types, brass, copper, nylon and more.  And, not only can fiber lasers cut those materials but they cut them far better and far more safely than CO2 lasers.  Further, fiber lasers are far more energy efficient when cutting than CO2 lasers.  Fiber lasers cut with far more speed than CO2 lasers when cutting thin materials and they are able to cut reflective materials without the concern of reflections damaging the machine.  This is particularly important when cutting copper, brass, or aluminum. 

As mentioned, fiber lasers can be used for a variety of applications with ease and excellence.  In industrial manufacturing where higher output is incredibly important, fiber laser cutters are the ideal choice. This includes industries like automotive, aerospace, military, HVAC, appliances, medical, and more.  At Machitech Automation, we pride ourselves on only working with industry leaders which is why we work with Alpha Lazer to supply our clients with state-of-the-art laser cutting solutions.  We have models to accommodate any workshop size or cutting needs.  For example, the Fiber SL is an entry level, cost-effective fiber laser cutting solution that has been specifically designed for smaller cutting needs.  It is exceptionally easy to use but can produce the precise cuts you want in a powerful system.  The Fiber M-Series is designed for the sheet metal industry and can accommodate a wide range of sheet sizes that range from 5′ x 10′ up to 8′ x 40′ and a tube cutting attachment is available.  Additionally, Machitech Automation carries the Alpha Lazer Fiber 3D which is a tube and pipe cutting solution that boasts an automatic loading and unloading arm that feeds the machine. If you are looking for a diverse, technology-driven cutting method that has a variety of applications, laser cutting may be the right tool for your workshop.