Benefits of Automated Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabricators use a range of technology, including plasma cutters, oxy-fuel cutters, and waterjet cutters, in their operations. And when they want to maximize their capabilities, they will often purchase equipment with automated CNC technology. Automated processing offers fabrication shops a wealth of benefits. Here are some examples:

Fewer Cutting Mistakes

CNC software can allow a fabricator to work the kinks out of the design before processing begins and eliminate the natural imperfections of fabrications done by a human hand.

Faster Turnarounds

Automated plasma, oxy-fuel, and waterjet cutters not only produce more accurate cuts, but they also can process materials much faster than what a human is capable of. Automation is key to meeting and staying ahead of demand.

Lower Operating Costs

CNC cutting equipment typically only requires one technician to operate, which can help a metal fabrication shop save on labor costs.

Improved Safety

With automated controls doing all of the work, there is no need for a human hand to ever get near a torch. Plus, automation means less risk of material-handling accidents.

Less Waste

By minimizing the risk of cutting mistakes and accidents when handling materials, CNC fabrication technology can reduce waste at your shop, ultimately saving you money.

Better Planning

Automated operations can make scheduling easy, helping to streamline projects and optimize your workforce.

How These Benefits Add Up

While the benefits of automated metal fabrication can be noted individually, as above, they all work together to help custom fabrication shops be more competitive. For instance, by reducing cutting mistakes and optimizing materials, automated technology helps to reduce cost per piece. This, combined with the savings garnered by a leaner workforce and faster turnaround times, can provide a substantial ROI for a custom fabrication shop looking to make improvements to production. To ensure these benefits are maximized, the CNC plasma, oxy-fuel, or waterjet cutting technology should be customized to meet the unique needs of the shop.

Masters of Automation

Machitech is a leading manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machines and other custom metal fabrication equipment. Our heavy-duty plasma cutters are fully automated to improve cut quality and turnaround times at your shop, helping you to become more competitive in a crowded industry. And, with your purchase of a Machitech CNC plasma cutting machine, you’ll receive free and unlimited support for life. Learn more about the benefits of automation by contacting us today.