Benefits of CNC Cutting Tables

close up of plasma torch processing steel plate on a CNC cutting table

Computer numerical control (CNC), as it relates to custom metal fabrication technology, sounds like tech-speak but is actually simple to understand—CNC software automates the fabrication process to eliminate cutting mistakes and speed up production. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of CNC cutting tables.

Quick Prototyping

Metal fabricators will typically process a small run of parts to ensure their measurements are accurate. Though quality checks are necessary, prototyping can be a tedious and time-consuming process. CNC cutting tables eliminate this step. The CNC software often includes computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) capabilities, wherein the parts can be designed in a controlled, 3D environment. This allows the fabricator to identify and eliminate any mistakes in the cutting process before the work begins, saving on wasted materials and associated costs.

More Efficient Production

No matter how much experience a professional metal fabricator has, they will never be able to match the precision of a CNC cutting machine. Fabrication by hand is too prone to human error. CNC cutting tables follow the directions programmed into the software and remove the risk of cutting mistakes. Automated cutting tables also solve the issue of overproduction, allowing fabricators to produce exactly how many products are required. If they ever did need to produce more, they can simply reload the file into the CNC software, load the material, and press the start button.

Reduced Overhead

Preventing cutting mistakes reduces wasted materials, which in turn reduces operating costs. Additionally, automated CNC cutting machines typically require only one technician to operate, helping custom fabrication shops maintain a lean workforce by saving on training and labor costs.

Improved Shop Safety

Because only one technician is needed for material handling and operating the CNC cut table, fabrication shops can more easily maintain a safe working environment as there will be fewer people in the work place. And when it comes to that single operator, there’s no need for them to ever get near the cutting area during operation. In fact, human involvement with a CNC cutting table while it is processing is mostly remote in nature—they simply ensure the machine is running smoothly and fabricating the material correctly. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents.

Faster Turnarounds

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of CNC cutting tables is they speed up production by a considerable amount, especially for shops that are upgrading to CNC technology from fabricating by hand—humans are no match for the speed of automated CNC fabricating equipment. Keeping products quickly moving out the door and making on-time deliveries is how custom fabrication shops ensure their customers come back.

Industry-Leading CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

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