A Closer Look At Machitech Automation CNC Routers

Machitech Automation is in the business of creating innovative, state-of-the-art cutting and routing systems. The Machitech Automation router provides the best cutting and machining of non-ferrous materials. Routers are ideal for a variety of applications and can machine wood, plastic, and aluminum. Our systems are equipped with a 10HP spindle, 8 stations automatic tool changer and many other features that add immense value. Further, whatever your needs are, we can customize table dimensions to accommodate you.

CNC routers work similarly to CNC plasma cutters. The CAD drawing and CAM cutting software tell the CNC controller where to move the router according to drawing parameters and dimensions. The advantages are also the same, by utilizing such precise and accurate software and controls, the exact routing can be achieved time and time again without deviation and with minimal occurrence of errors. Though handheld routing may work well for the hobbyist or artisan that only produces the occasional piece, for industrial applications or other applications where volume is an important part of your business, CNC routing is the way to go. Because your router is controlled by a machine, routing is executed quickly and correctly which dramatically improves productivity and ultimately expedites your return on investment. And, just because the process is automated does not mean it is not a craft! If you have ever seen the beautiful work that a CNC router can produce, you know that it may be machine-controlled but it is a beautiful art-form in addition to being an integral tool for industrial applications.

Machitech Automation produces only the most durable, high-end CNC routing systems available. The gantry is helical rack and pinion drive on X and Y axis. Additionally, there is dual drive on the gantry and high precision linear rails on all axes. Also, there is automatic gantry squaring. The motors are brushless servo motors. The CNC controller is a Machitech CNC controller including an industrial sealed enclosure, industrial fanless touchscreen computer, remote help technology, USB port, keyboard and mouse, and is Standard G-Code supported. And, we have an outstanding selection of options, such as automatic height tool, changer station, automatic tool length sensor, automatic tool measuring, 8 stations automatic tool changer, tool package including: 8 ISO30 toolholders, 8 ERP32, 2.5’ facemill, wrench, and bench block for tool assembly. CNC routing offers a number of advantages to the user and when you invest in a Machitech Automation CNC router, you know you are getting the best of the best.