CNC Routers Offer Versatility

CNC cutting systems used for metal fabrication can do a lot, but the addition of a CNC router provides more options in metal fabrication.  Routers provide a metal shop with versatility and flexibility to cut a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, foam and wood.  When you want to create intricate patterns and unique cuts, a CNC router is an ideal tool.  At Machitech Automation, our CNC router is equipped with a 10HP spindle, 8 station automatic tool changer and many other features to assist you in machining materials and bringing any idea to life. 

CNC routers offer pristine precision and accuracy. Because of their precision, there is far less material waste which saves money.  CNC routers achieve exceptional accuracy through computer programming and automatic height control.  In the past, human error could lead to mistakes, inaccurate cuts or less-than-desirable quality but thanks to automation, the risk of error or damage is greatly reduced which saves time and materials.  Further, because our routers are automated and controlled by CAD and CAM software, the cutting process is quicker and more hands off, freeing up hands for other tasks while machining is being accomplished.  By better utilizing workers through improved efficiency, and reduction of material waste, significant savings can be achieved in any metal fabrication shop, large or small.  Additionally, because the cutting process is completely automated, cutting according to parameters that have been pre-determined in CAD and CAM cutting software, when a design needs to be cut multiple times (whether that is 5 or 500), a CNC router will achieve the same intricacy and accuracy time and time again. 

Machitech Automation produces CNC routers with table dimensions to suit any customer’s needs, including 5’ x 10’, 6’ x 12’, 8’ x 24’ and custom table dimensions are also available.  Our Machitech Automation CNC controller includes an industrial sealed enclosure, industrial fanless touchscreen computer, remote help technology, USB port, keyboard and mouse, and is Standard G-Code supported.  Further, our CNC routers are equipped with a 10HP spindle and boast numerous additional features including automatic height tool changer station, automatic tool length sensor, automatic tool measuring, 8 stations automatic tool changer, and more.  Our routers provide our customers with the best cutting and machining of non-ferrous materials in a unitized system.  For those looking to add versatility, efficiency, intricacy and ease-of-use to their metal fabrication shop, the addition of a CNC router is the way to go.