CNC Routers Useful for a Variety of Projects

Our CNC plasma cutting systems are complex automated cutting and routing tools that have been carefully crafted for metal fabrication shops.  A CNC router is just like a traditional router but it is computer controlled for optimal precision and accuracy.  Woodworkers Journal provides a helpful overview of how CNC routers work, "Maybe you’ve been to a big woodworking show before and were mesmerized by the immense, industrial CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines. Full sheets of plywood slide in one end and cabinet parts — complete with joinery cuts, holes for shelving pins, pilots for mounting screws and even decorative grooving — emerge on the other… You do need a computer and a CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) program to run them. Typically a desktop CNC router will come with a version of a CAD software program so you can draw what you want to cut. Then you switch to some sort of toolpath program, also provided with the machine. There you select the cutter (or cutters) you intend to use. The software calculates the cutting instructions and the calculation yields a file that you can name and save. Next, you secure the wood in the machine, install the correct bit, and begin the routing process. The cutting action happens automatically. CNC routers cut in what are called three axes or directions. Up and down is the Z coordinate or axis. Think of left and right as the Y-axis. Forward and back could be called the X-axis. With a variety of bits and a computer program working in those three directions, the sky’s the limit. However, the overall size of the machine’s bed and cutting range will determine the maximum workpiece size you can manipulate." Through the use of our state-of-the-art software, toolpaths are generated and the software tells the router exactly how and where to route.  A CNC router can be used in a variety of applications on both wood, plastic and aluminum, including furniture, door carvings, wood panels, sign boards, wooden frames, moldings, other exterior decorations, musical instruments and much more.  At Machitech, we are proud to offer a selection of CNC routers to suit our customer's unique needs.

Our CNC routers are the best cutting and machining tool for non-ferrous materials.   Machitech CNC routers are available in a variety of table dimensions, including 5' x 10', 6' x 12', 8' x 24' and can also be designed in custom dimensions to accommodate specific needs.  They are equipped with a 10HP spindle and an 8 stations automatic tool changers amongst many other features.  They are powered by brushless servo motors and have a strong, durable gantry that is a helical rack and pinion drive on X and Y axis.  Additionally, the gantry features high precision linear rails on all axis and automatic gantry squaring.  The powerful CNC controller is  a Machitech CNC controller that includes an industrial sealed enclosure, industrial fan-less touch screen computer, remote help technology, USB port, keyboard and mouse and is also standard G-Code supported.


Options Included:

Automatic height tool changer station
Automatic tool length sensor
Automatic tool measuring
8 stations automatic tool changer
Tool package including:
* 8 ISO30 toolholders
* 8 ERP32 spring collets (standard sizes)
* 2.5' facemill
* wrench
* Bench block for tool assembly