How Automation Improves Metal Fabrication

an automated CNC cutter processing materials

Automated manufacturing refers to the use of control systems to operate equipment. In the metal fabrication industry, this concept is applied to the cutting process via computer-numerical control (CNC) cutting machines, such as plasma and waterjet cutters. Automating the fabrication process can result in many great benefits for custom fabrication shops, allowing them to improve the quality of their products and speed up production.

Benefits of CNC Plasma Cutters, Waterjet Cutters, and Oxy-Fuel Cutters

There are different types of heavy-duty cutting tables for specific fabrication requirements. Plasma cutting tables, waterjet cutters, and oxy-fuel cutting machines are standard equipment in any custom fabrication shop, and all three can be automated with CNC technology. Here’s how automated burn tables improve metal fabrication:

Better Cut Quality

Cutting with a handheld torch, even if performed by a seasoned professional, is never a perfect process. Automation removes human error when fabricating metal, resulting in fewer cutting mistakes and wasted materials. Less waste means lower operating costs. Furthermore, cut quality is consistent across parts being mass produced.

Faster Production

The human hand cannot deliver perfection like a CNC plasma cutter or another heavy-duty cutting table can, nor can it keep the same pace. Automated burn tables significantly speed up production for custom fabrication shops—waterjet cutters can even be equipped with multiple cutting heads that process in tandem—allowing shop owners to meet or even get ahead of their production schedule.

Leaner Workforce

Automated cutting machines are fairly easy to operate and do not require specialized training. In fact, it’s often as simple as uploading a design into the CNC software, loading the material, and pressing the start button. These advanced burn tables only need a single technician to operate, helping shop owners save on labor costs.

Safer Work Area

Because CNC plasma cutters and other automated equipment only require one person to operate, fewer bodies are necessary on the shop floor. Material handling is also streamlined and can be handled by the same technician running the machine. And because the technician’s hands never need to get near the torch and cutting area, there is far less risk of injury.

Lower Operating Costs

With cost savings resulting from less waste, a leaner workforce, and faster production, it’s easy to understand why so many custom metal fabrication companies equip their shops with automated CNC cutting machines.

The Return Is Worth the Investment

Automated metal fabrication gives custom fabrication shops the flexibility to process nearly any shape or profile while maintaining excellent cut quality. It also allows them to consistently deliver a perfect product on time for their clients and become a trusted name in the industry.

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