How CNC Plasma Tables Improve Metal Fabrication Efficiency

A plasma cutter making a precision cut

The metal fabrication industry is being squeezed by rising material costs, supply-chain delays, and longer lead times, and these factors are forcing companies to find any way possible to increase output while lowering expenses. Any advantage can make a noticeable difference in the bottom line, and one way your metal fabrication operation can increase ROI is by investing in a CNC plasma cutter. Using automated technology that increases precision, reduces material waste, and speeds production, a CNC plasma cutter could help your metal fabrication shop remain profitable.

Advantages Offered By CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Here are some of the benefits that a CNC plasma cutter can provide for your operation:

Increased Production Speed

CNC plasma cutters utilize CNC software that automates operations to ensure a precise cut every time, and they do the job much faster than a human could. In fact, CNC plasma cutting machines can cut up to 200 inches per minute. This allows for faster project turnarounds and helps keep production on schedule at all times—eliminating cost overruns and allowing companies to accept more jobs.

Reduced Material Waste

No matter how experienced a custom fabricator is, the element of human error is always present. Cutting mistakes not only create project delays but also force materials to be thrown out—raising production costs. CNC plasma cutters eliminate the variables and provide a perfect cut every time by executing the pre-programmed motions flawlessly.

Lower Labor Costs

Most heavy-duty CNC plasma cutters require a single operator, streamlining the operations process. The technician simply needs to load the materials that need to be cut, pull up a pre-programmed profile in the CNC software, and press a button to start the process. Fewer employees on-site means fewer chances of accidents, less time wasted on training, and of course, lower operating costs.

Selecting a CNC Plasma Cutter for Your Business

Now that you’ve heard about the many benefits a CNC plasma cutter can provide for your company, you still have decisions to make before selecting the right product to fit your specific needs. Many manufacturers offer cookie-cutter options that force customers to adapt their processes, but not Machitech. We’re a one-stop shop for automation, and we offer custom machines featuring our patented inverted rail system and the most compact beveling head on the market. We also:

  • Avoid using proprietary components in the manufacturing process, so our customers can easily source replacement components locally
  • Provide turnkey installation services and never expect our customers to handle part of the process
  • Provide custom training to ensure that our customers know how to utilize their CNC plasma cutter for their specific needs
  • Stand out from our competitors by including free and unlimited phone and internet support for life and offering a preventive maintenance program that includes follow-up visits from our technicians

The Trusted Choice for Heavy-Duty CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Custom fabricators know to turn to Machitech when they need a CNC plasma cutter they can count on. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.