How much is a CNC plasma table?

How much is a CNC plasma table?

That is the first question most first time buyers have in mind when researching a CNC plasma table. But there are a few things other than the hard cost of the machine when budgeting for your new automation equipment.

The first one is obviously the initial cost of the machine. Let’s say you pick an industrial HD plasma table that is $189,000. You also have to consider other expenses such as shipping, rigging, and electrical. These costs are variable and can change from not only machine to machine, but also state to state as each set of regulations may be different. To some, that cost may be a drop in the bucket, to others it may require a long term investment to take their business to the next level.

However, this cost isn’t what we consider the “most important cost”. Consider what it cost you to take a part off a table, grind the slag off, lay out a hole pattern, center punch the holes, chuck up a drill press, drill 4 holes, counter sink the holes, then stack the part on a pallet? It might take 5 minutes a part, or even 10? What if we could reduce the processing time by 20, 30 or 50% over the next 5 years? Efficiency is the name of the game now.

How much will it cost your company if you’re not competitive with the neighbors and they outperform you on part cost or delivery time? The world is changing for the better, for a more efficient future, and the best time to automate is yesterday. Processing parts “the old way” will cost far more than any capital equipment investment possibly could in the long run.

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Ben Shaum

Product Specialist, 419-564-5529