Introduction to CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

When it comes to metal fabrication it often seems like the majority of technology has been around for decades with some minor changes and updates.  While some technology will always produce a great cut and be a good choice for a metal fabrication shop, there is a constantly evolving world of technology. In recent years fiber laser cutting has grown in popularity amongst metal fabricators.  There are many reasons for this but to truly understand why it has become so popular it is important to understand what fiber laser cutting is and what differences it brings to the table.  When compared with other methods of metal fabrication, fiber laser cutting is a pretty new technology.  Industrial Laser Solutions provides a helpful description of how fiber laser cutting works, “Fiber lasers, on the other hand, employ solid-state diodes to pump molecules that are captured in an optical active double clad fiber with an ytterbium-doped core. The pumped light excites the core, and the light exits the module via a transport optical fiber that carries the beam to the focusing head where cutting takes place. The need for laser gas is eliminated as all collisions between molecules take place within the optical fiber, which in turn requires far less energy — about one-third that of a comparable CO2 laser. And because less heat is generated, the size of the chiller is proportionally reduced. In general, overall energy consumption is 70% less than a CO2 laser performing the same task.”

When it comes to the use of fiber lasers for cutting, efficiency is the name of the game.  Not only is it more energy efficient but it expedites the cutting process.  By expediting and streamlining the cutting process, it costs far less to produce a cut or part which ultimately improves your business’ profitability and enhances the return on your investment in a new CNC cutting system.

Fiber lasers have grown in popularity so significantly because they can be used in a wide range of industries for a variety of materials.  CNC fiber laser cutting can be used on materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, ceramics, graphite, composites, silicon, coated and plated metals, opaque plastics, and more!  Fiber laser cutting is precise, efficient, low maintenance, and easy to on-board in any facility. If you think your shop or facility could benefit from the advantages of fiber laser cutting, Machitech Automation is happy to answer any of your questions and assist you in choosing the right CNC fiber laser cutting system.