An Introduction to the Machitech Gold Cut CNC Plasma Cutting System

At Machitech, we are proud to have a wide selection of CNC plasma cutting systems designed to meet our client's unique needs.  We know that no two clients are the same, and that means that needs will vary which is why each system is outfitted with certain features that set them apart.  With extensive experience in the field, we have carefully crafted each of our machines from the highest quality, most durable materials, and have partnered with state-of-the-art plasma torch manufacturers to create some of the best plasma tables in the business.  These features, along with our CNC plasma cutting software and our unlimited technical support makes investing in one of our CNC plasma cutting systems the best thing you can do for your metal fabrication shop.  One of our systems – the Gold Cut, is a great option if you tend to perform medium to heavy plate cutting.

The Machitech Gold Cut is a bridge and rail system that is perfect for fabrication shops that are looking for accuracy, high efficiency and high production capacity.  The Gold Cut provides pristine, precise cuts and the table itself can be increased in size should your needs ever grow.    The bridge and rail design is modular which is how the Gold Cut is capable of expansion should the need arise.  The Gold Cut is available in custom dimensions or in the following stock dimensions: 5' x 10', 6’ x 12’ , 8’ x 12’ , 8' x 20’ , 8’ x 24’ , 10’ x 5’ , 10’ x 20’ , 10’ x 24’ , 10’ x 40’.  In addition to a variety of sizes, the Gold Cut also has many features available that add value to the investment.  This robust system boasts a cutting speed of 0 to 500 IPM, related to process and plasma power source, as well as a maximum traverse speed of 1000 IPM.  The Gold Cut has a repeatability of 0.001'' and positioning accuracy of 0.002''.    The Gold Cut can be a waterbed with a raise and lower system, or a zoned downdraft with removable trays with CAD fabrication drawings supplied.  The gantry is very durable, strong, and exceptionally made.  Further, the Gold Cut has a true dual side drive with A/C servo motors.  Additionally, it has a pneumatic pinion engagement with linear bearings and ultra precision helical planetary gearboxes for the smoothest motion.  We utilize an Edge Pro CNC controller that is windows based with a 15'' glass touch screen.  It contains 2 USB ports and a network connection.  It also contains up to 1GB of memory and Phoenix software and the CNC controller has a 2 year warranty.  Our Gold Cut has a maximum table capacity of 4'' material thickness but is customizable to meet your unique needs.  Our machines use an assortment of power sources including Hypertherm PowerMax 45 to 125, MaxPro 200, and Hypertherm HPR 130XD to 800XD.  Further, it can is possible to have a maximum of 2 motorized stations and 3 oxy/fuel stations.  One important features to highlight is the automatic height controller which is a Machitech Automatic torch height control which uses arc voltage sampling to follow variations in material.  The laser pointer is integrated for plate alignment and it has a magnetic torch breakaway that is a safety feature which pauses the machine in case of collision.  To go with the Gold Cut, we suggest Hypertherm Cam Solutions, TurboNest or ProNest for nesting software.  Finally, the Gold Cut boasts a host of options that are available including: camera, oxy/fuel torch (anti-collission and quick change magnet system), oxy/fuel automatic torch ignition, triple oxy/fuel, "True hole" technology by Hypertherm, "Full suite" technology by Hypertherm, ink jet or dot peen marker, pneumatic scribe, source caption fume extraction, dust collection system, removable trays for easy cleanout (waterbed), electronic raise/lower system (waterbed), security system (pull cord, light curtain), 12'' clearance under gantry.