Introduction to Platinum Cut CNC Plasma Cutting System

All CNC plasma cutting systems are not created equal and, at Machitech Automation, we have become the leading manufacturer of automated cutting solutions by crafting a variety of state-of-the-art cutting solutions for our customers.  We carry a selection of 5 CNC plasma cuttings systems, including the Silver Cut, Gold Cut, Diamond Cut, Platinum Cut and Titanium Cut.  Each of these systems has their own unique set of features that sets them apart, giving customers the option to choose what system is best for them.  While each of these systems has a different price point, that is not the only difference, they have a various features and options that are better suited to certain kinds of metal fabrication than others.  The Platinum Cut is designed specifically for heavy plate cutting.  For example, it is well-suited for steel industries such as shipyards, plate processing facilities and structural steel fabricators.  If you need to process large sheets, the Platinum Cut is for you. 

The Platinum Cut CNC plasma cutting system is a bridge and rail systemwhich means that it is a modular design that allows you to expand your cutting table in the future.  We know that our client's needs at the time of purchase may change dramatically over time and that is why the Platinum System is so great.  Should anything change 5 months down the line, or 5 years down the line, expansion is always a possibility.  The Platinum Cut provides exceptional accuracy and cut quality.  One of the keys to accuracy when cutting is automatic torch height control which helps reduce human error and create consistent cuts every time.  Our Machitech automatic torch height control uses arc voltage sampling to follow variations in material.  It is laser pointer integrated for plate alignment.  Additionally, it has a magnetic torch breakaway system that is used to pause the machine in the case of a collision.  As a large format cutting machine, the Platinum Cut is ideal for the heavy steel industry, plate cutting facilities and structural steel fabricators.  There are a variety of ways to customize your Platinum Cut when ordering and also in the future, should expansion be needed.  In addition to increasing size, we make note of other customization options below.  Additionally, we encourage our clients to ask any questions about customization because we are happy to work with customers to help them get the CNC plasma cutting system they need.

  • “Full suite” technology by Hypertherm
  • “True Hole” technology by Hypertherm
  • Dust collection system
  • Electronic raise/lower system (waterbed)
  • Full contour beveling
  • Ink jet or dot peen marker
  • Oxy/fuel automatic torch ignition
  • Oxy/fuel torch (anti-collision and quick change magnet system)
  • Pneumatic scribe
  • Removable trays for easy clean out (waterbed or downdraft)
  • Security system (pull cord, light curtain)