An Introduction to Tube Cutting Using BeamCut Systems

An Introduction to Tube Cutting Using BeamCut Systems

If you are in the market for a plasma cutting system, you may feel a little bewildered. There are many manufacturers and models to choose between, along with the prospect of purchasing a large piece of heavy equipment that may be new to you. At Machitech, we understand better than anyone the technicalities involved in purchasing a new tube cutting system. We are the experts when it comes to developing new, cutting-edge technologies that will produce better quality and a higher productivity level for your business. Whether big or small, your company can benefit from the use of a BeamCut system. It offers you full flexibility while being one of the most advanced performance systems on the market.

The BeamCut system is a robotic cutting machine that is specially designed for structural steel or other heavy-duty manufacturing materials. One of the greatest things about the BeamCut system is that it is extremely versatile. You can almost effortlessly cut large tubes composed of weighty steel without any struggle. Customize your own options, or use the preprogrammed ones on the machine. Accurate results are at your fingertips.

How Does the BeamCut System Work?

With the BeamCut system, you can effectively take your business to the next level. The system was specifically designed to perform a wide variety of cutting applications, including H-beams, I-beams, tubes, flatbars, angles, channels and more. BeamCut features servo-assisted in and out conveyor belts that allow for optimum placement of your materials and increase the overall speed and accuracy of the cut. Before the machine ever begins cutting, it measures the tube and takes into account its dimensions and variance. It also features:

  • Easy operational instructions and guidance
  • Compatibility with many of the latest 3D software programs
  • Allows users to preprogram functions
  • Accepts a large variety of file extensions
  • Reduces wasted material and the risk of collisions
  • Simple loading
  • Advanced safety measures
  • Works on both sides of the conveyor to maximize efficiency

Is the BeamCut System Right for Your Business?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, the BeamCut system might be the right choice for you. Many businesses need a quality plasma cutting machine that effectively cuts tubes and other three-dimensional shapes without hassle. The BeamCut system offers your business unparalleled, quality cuts that maximize your productivity. It might even help to reduce labor costs, as the machine is simple to learn and use. Machitech and BeamCut offer a wide variety of automated cutting solutions. Browse the website to learn more and find the right product for your company.