A customized preventative maintenance and training program

    What you get out of your cutting system depends on the care you put into it.

    A preventive maintenance program offers the following benefits: It optimizes your equipment's output, reduces downtime and lowers overall cutting costs.

    How can I benefit from a maintenance plan?

    In short, if your cutting machine isn’t productive, you’re not productive. Preventative maintenance is best way to get ahead of potential problems and keep your operation up and running. MachiCare is a customer care program designed to ensure maximum productivity, machine uptime, and high-quality products by providing scheduled preventative maintenance and training.

    What are the perks of the MachiCare program?

    Machitech offers you a membership in our exclusive MachiCare program. As a member of the MachiCare program, you will receive the following benefits at no cost to you:

    • (1) Hypertherm 500-hour plasma PM Kit, a $115 value
    • (1) Hypertherm 1000-hour plasma PM Kit, a $1,610 value
    • Machitech second year machine warranty, a $4,800 value

    How can i enroll?

    Your only obligations to receive the MachiCare benefits are to hire Machitech for your annual preventative maintenance service and to use genuine Hypertherm replacement parts. The preventative maintenance service will be billed at our standard service rates.

    Machitech Training Curriculum

    • CNC and Software – how to find and install updates
    • Cleaning and lubrification
    • Calibrating machine motion
    • How to verify machine squareness
    • Rail and torch alignment
    • How to check and replace bearings and pinions
    • Bevel alignment – focal point and pivot length adjustments
    • Plasma system maintenance
    • Trouble shooting and error codes

    Operator Training Curriculum

    • Plasma theory
    • Analyzing cut quality
    • Arc Voltage and Torch Height Control
    • Cut charts and gas selection
    • Understanding consumable wear
    • Daily and weekly machine maintenance


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