Machitech Customer Satisfaction is Top Priority

At Machitech Automation, we pride ourselves on producing the best, most comprehensive and effective cutting and fabrication systems on the market. There are many competitors in the space, but we can build you the custom table of your dreams that will uniquely serve your fabrication shop needs. Many customers approach us with the desire to get a clear picture of just how our systems will be a positive investment. We can show them how quick our systems achieve supreme cuts. We can show them how easy it is to use our state-of-the-art CAD cutting and CAM cutting software. And, while those things are very important, customers ultimately want to know that they will be well-served and see a return on their investment.

Machitech Automation produces completely turn-key systems. Customers have pointed out that one significant advantage for customers is that our systems can be completely integrated. For example, customers can purchase a CNC plasma cutting system that is a complete Hypertherm package. Other systems may use some Hypertherm parts but a Machitech Automation systems uses all Hypertherm components for a completely integrated system that, should repair or maintenance ever be needed, only requires one streamlined service. If multiple companies are used, it may necessitate multiple companies be contacted and scheduled but our systems make ownership easy. Further, we stock all major service parts and components that you will ever need so you never have to worry about hunting down something.

Our technical support is simply bar-none. We are constantly available for our customers and our support staff has an exceptional amount of technical and experiential knowledge. We are always one phone call away. Further, though our systems may be an investment, they provide a fast return on investment. In fact, many of our customers experience a significant percentage increase in productivity which leads to not only better business but a faster ROI. Many customers report achieving a complete return on investment in as few a 2-3 years. That kind of return on investment makes it a pretty easy decision to make the upgrade. Our knowledgeable staff and sales professionals will help walk you through the calculation process so that you can see what the bottom line is and just how fast you can expect to get a return on your investment. If you would like to learn more about our versatile and extensive selection of CNC cutting options, as well as our outstanding customer support, contact us and we will help you see how an investment in a Machitech Automation system is the best investment you can make!