Main Applications of CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

A CNC cutter in action

Custom metal fabrication shops serve a wide variety of clients. In fact, due to the nearly endless amount of metal products that are required by companies serving many different industries, professional fabricators need equipment that is both powerful and versatile in order to keep up with demand. That’s why so many of them use CNC plasma cutting technology in their shops. Plasma cutting tables can process different types of metals in virtually any shape or profile required by the customer. Let’s take a look at some other advantages of CNC plasma cutting and review some examples of products that this technology can produce.

Advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting

The process of plasma cutting involves super-heating a gas with an electrical arc. The ionized gas is forced through the tiny opening of the cutting torch and is hot enough to easily slice through the metal material, melting away any dross in the process and leaving behind a smooth cut surface. This method of custom metal fabrication delivers the following benefits:

  • Ability to cut through electrically conductive metal plate measuring up to two inches thick
  • Versatile cutting techniques, including beveling and piercing
  • Precision cuts with minimal distortion
  • Ability to cut irregular shapes, such as tubes, pipes, and HSS

The benefits continue when a plasma cutting table is equipped with CNC software. This advanced technology automates the fabrication process, which reduces cutting mistakes, speeds up production, and lowers operating costs. Indeed, custom fabrication shops that are equipped with CNC plasma cutting machines have distinct advantages over competitors who fabricate everything by hand.

Industries That Require Custom Metal Fabrication Services

With the right CNC plasma cutting equipment, custom fabrication shops can create diverse products to meet nearly any need. Here are some industries that professional fabricators serve, as well as examples of common products required by each:

  • Construction – structural steel beams, staircases, and elevators
  • Shipbuilding – hulls, bulkheads, and gunwales
  • Oil and gas – drilling rigs, fixed and semi-submersible platforms, and storage tanks
  • Agricultural – trailer frames, farming equipment, and forestry equipment
  • Industrial – HVACs and ductwork, conveyors, and tools
  • Food and beverage – commercial kitchen equipment, food tanks, and ventilation systems
  • Automotive – custom bodies and frames, roll cages, replacements for vintage parts
  • Energy – power transmission towers, solar panels, and wind turbines

While there are plenty of examples in the list above, the applications of plasma cutting for custom metal fabrication are nearly endless. In fact, with a CNC plasma cutting table, a professional fabricator can process metal sheet and plate into nearly any shape or profile required by the project at hand.

A Leading Manufacturer of CNC Plasma Cutting Technology

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