How to Maximize Productivity With the Right Plasma Cutting System

There is no shortage of metal fabrication shops looking to win business across a range of different industries. Professional fabricators must equip themselves with the right technology to stay ahead of their competitors. One key way to ensure work keeps flowing your way is to maximize productivity in your shop with an advanced plasma cutting system. CNC plasma cutting tables are designed to improve cut quality, optimize materials, and ensure production runs uninterrupted. Finding the right plasma burner for your operations can give you the boost you need to outpace your competition.

How CNC Plasma Cutters Work

Though there are many notable features of a heavy-duty plasma cutting system, two primary components are the plasma torch and the CNC controls. These two elements combine power with perfection—the plasma torch easily cuts through metal plates and the CNC controls eliminate human error. In fact, minimizing cutting mistakes is integral to maximizing productivity.

Optimizing Materials

Within the CNC software, fabricators can upload or draw a profile, which is then programmed for processing. The CNC controls guide the plasma torch along its cutting paths far more accurately—and quickly—than a human hand would ever be able to. By removing the risk of cutting mistakes, an advanced plasma cutting system helps to optimize materials and keep production on schedule.

Improving Cut Quality

With a heavy-duty CNC plasma cutter ensuring perfect processing of every metal plate that enters the system, professional fabricators can continuously move finished products out of the door and begin the next project on time. Delivering accurate work and timely turnarounds are a surefire way to keep the name of your business at the forefront of potential clients’ minds.

Automating Processing

Automating the fabrication process with a CNC plasma cutting table is the most direct way of streamlining production at your shop. These advanced plasma cutting systems typically require only one technician to operate, which provides the added benefit of allowing you to maintain a lean workforce. The combined cost savings of fewer wasted materials and a leaner staff can quickly add up, providing a nice return on your investment in a high-quality plasma burn table.

Which CNC Plasma Cutter Is Right for Your Shop?

There are numerous specialties under the metal fabrication umbrella and a unique plasma cutting table for each. For the best results at maximizing productivity, it’s imperative that you invest in the right type of CNC plasma cutter. For instance, there are advanced plasma cutting systems for small-to-medium fabrications, high-precision fabrications, and structural steel fabrications. Be sure to speak with a specialist about finding the right model for your business needs.

Machitech—The Leading Manufacturer of Custom CNC Plasma Tables

Custom fabricators looking to get ahead in a crowded industry can turn to Machitech for a heavy-duty plasma cutting solution. Our experts will help you find the perfect CNC burn table for your shop, and we’ll include free and unlimited lifetime support with your purchase. To learn more about our advanced plasma cutting systems, contact Machitech today.