How is Plasma Cutting Achieved

You may know that you like CNC plasma cutting and you may know that it produces some of the best cuts possible.  Plasma torches are capable of producing some of the best cuts possible, particularly when controlled by a CNC plasma cutting system.  One of the big features of a CNC plasma cutting system is that it is much safer than handheld cutting.  But, make no mistake, it is not without some hazard and it is vitally important that safety precautions be taken at all times.  At Machitech Automation, we produce only the highest quality cutting systems and part of what makes them so high quality is that we take important precautions to ensure customer safety and absolute accuracy.  For this reason, we have designed all of our CNC plasma cutting systems with automatic torch height control (ATHC) and magnetic torch breakaway. 

Automatic torch height control is operated by the system’s CNC software.  The software communicated with the ATHC and tells it the precise height at which to hold the torch at all times during the cutting process.  It can move up and down as needed during cutting and this will ultimately provide the optimal cut with clean edges and precise lines.  It takes the typical guesswork that would be associated with handheld cutting out of the equation and mechanizes the process for improved results.

Additionally, the mechanized plasma torch has magnetic torch breakaway. How this is accomplished is magnets are mounted to the torch holder side of the breakaway attaching plate and also are mounted on the torch riser breakaway attaching plate.  In plasma cutting systems that are not fitting with a magnetic torch breakaway, if a collision happens the torch would be knocked out of alignment or even damaged but with a magnetic torch breakaway, the torch quickly breaks away instead and can be easily and accurately reattached without damage.  Further, not only will the torch break away but the machine will pause.  And, the plasma cutting system has ohmic and touch pressure sensors for surface detection.  At Machitech Automation, when you invest in one of our CNC plasma cutting systems you know that you are getting a complete system – every detail has been carefully planned and accounted for.  Precision and safety are keys to our systems functionality and our customers can rest assured that their investment is the best possible system on the market.