HVAC Fabrication 101

Custom HVAC Fabrication

For homeowners and business owners who are investing in a new HVAC system, the performance of the machine will be a key factor into which model they choose to have installed. But while HVAC manufacturers may be quick to boast about the energy-saving capabilities of their products, performance will also be largely dependent on how the unit is installed. Metal fabricators are often hired to create custom ductwork and other elements of an HVAC system. Being equipped with the right technology, such as a CNC plasma cutter or waterjet cutting machine, can mean producing perfectly fabricated metal sheets for your customers’ HVAC installation projects.

Why Custom Fabrications?

Though there are plenty of prefabricated and mass-produced parts available for HVAC installations, the truth is that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. After all, every residential and commercial building is different and requires a uniquely designed duct system. Metal sheet that has been custom fabricated to complement the architecture of the building will help ensure the HVAC can properly warm or cool the interior without running too hard and driving up energy costs.

Potential Issues With Prefabricated Ductwork

Metal sheet that is mass-produced for use in ductwork can certainly keep the lights on for a metal fabrication company, but these systems can cause issues if they don’t specifically fit the HVAC needs of the building. For instance, ductwork that is too large may force the HVAC to draw in more air to reach the temperature set by the thermostat, increasing energy usage and associated costs. Conversely, if the ductwork is too small, it can wear out quickly due to the constant intake of warm or cool air. Most HVAC companies will rely on custom fabricators to produce ductwork that is tailored to the specific job to avoid these issues.

Other Components of HVAC Systems Requiring Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication for HVAC systems is not limited to ductwork. In fact, there may be a number of different components that a professional fabricator will need to produce using a plasma cutting or waterjet cutting table. For instance, large industrial buildings, laboratories, and even commercial kitchens may have complex venting systems to remove harmful fumes, toxins, and smoke (respectively) from the air. Just like when a building is under construction, HVAC systems often come with blueprints that professional fabricators must follow to a tee.

Materials Used in HVAC Fabrication

Different metals are used in manufacturing HVAC systems. Aluminum is one such metal, as this material is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Additionally, steel that has been coated with zinc (called galvanized steel) is often used in ductwork as the zinc strengthens the steel to prevent leaks and ensure lasting performance.

CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Waterjet Cutting Machines

As mentioned, most custom fabricators that specialize in HVAC fabrication will utilize a CNC plasma cutting or waterjet cutting machine. As the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty plasma CNC machines for custom fabrication, Machitech can help improve the quality of your work and speed up your production. To learn more about our solutions and the free and unlimited lifetime support they come with, contact Machitech today.