Quality CNC Nesting Software Changes the Metal Fabrication Process

Doing your research is incredibly important when investing in a CNC plasma cutting system.  There are many options available today, at a myriad of price points and with a variety of features.  At Machitech Automation, we often refer to our plasma cutting systems as “complete systems.”  This is because our CNC plasma cutters come with everything you need to start cutting immediately upon installation.  Not only do our systems come with all of the necessary hardware, but all of the necessary software as well.  If you are not yet familiar with what nesting software is, or why it is important, it can be easy to overlook.  But, make no mistake; nesting software is a game changer in the metal fabrication process.  TheFabricator explains how nesting software has changed metal fabrication (and the business processes behind metal fabrication) in a revolutionary way, “Today’s nesting software is much more sophisticated than initial versions, and its role in lean manufacturing has grown significantly. Although optimizing material use still is a critical task, nesting software now plays additional roles in three other areas: integration, automation, and part quality…The icing on the cake for most nesting software users is how today’s systems can integrate seamlessly with other corporate business systems on a companywide level. Leveraging modern data exchange technologies, nesting software can connect to ERP and MRP systems and significantly contribute to a lean manufacturing business approach.”

Nesting software allows the fabricator to fit as many manufacturing parts and cuts into a single sheet of raw material in the best way possible. This dramatically improves efficiency and enhances productivity while reducing material waste which boasts significant cost savings.  Nesting software is able to use the CAD files and the geometry of parts to put in the adequate code necessary so that once automated cutting begins, it will maximize what can be cut from one sheet of material.  At Machitech Automation, we are proud to work with cutting-edge industry partners such as Hypertherm to bring our clients the best of the best nesting software.  Hypertherm’s nesting software (ProNest, TurboNest, NestMaster, Designed2Nest) is designed for advanced mechanized cutting and can be used for a variety of cutting mediums including plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel.  Hypertherm explains how their ProNest nesting software can be used advantageously, “ProNest® not only drives your machines, it’s also a key component of your entire cutting and fabricating ecosystem, with everything from quoting, to part design, to reporting, and managing inventory.”  When you want to invest in a state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting system that contains all of the best hardware and software necessary to produce the best cuts possible while enhancing productivity, invest in a Machitech Automation system complete with outstanding nesting software.