Reasons You Need a CNC Plasma Cutting System in Your Workshop

A CNC plasma cutting system is an investment from which every workshop of just about any size can benefit.  Not only can CNC plasma cutting systems cut a variety of metals and materials but it can do so with ease and efficiency.  Machitech Automation designs only the most durable and technology-driven plasma cutting systems to ensure that customers are always getting the best value that is sure to stand up to the test of time and use.  Machitech Automation carries a selection of cutting systems that are perfect for any size workshop and the variety of features can accommodate a wide variety of unique needs.  Below are 3 reasons every workshop needs a CNC plasma cutting system.

  1. Expedites Cutting for Higher Productivity

    • One of the most exciting features of a CNC plasma cutting system is that it dramatically expedites cutting.  Because the plasma torch is controlled by the CNC software and controller, the slow process of handheld cutting eliminated and replaced with fast, accurate cutting.  As the machine automatically churns out the perfect cuts at a fast speed, you are able to produce far more in a much shorter span of time.  This is helpful for a workshop of any size – whether small or mass-production because ultimately, better efficiency means increased profits.
  2. Lower Cost of Labor to Maximize Workshop Efficiency

    • Because the cutting process is automated, far less manual labor is required when using a CNC plasma cutting system.  A well-trained technician can operate the CNC plasma cutting system and churn out hundreds or even thousands of cuts in a day which would normally require many work technicians if doing it by hand.  The lower cost of labor ultimately saves money and pays for the cost of the machine in a short amount of time.
  3. Reduced Materials Waste

    • Precise handheld plasma cutting can be achieved but it is notoriously difficult and often requires significant training to be able to accomplish.  Every wrong cut, or cut made at an incorrect height ultimately means wasted materials and lost money.  When a workshop of any size installs a CNC plasma cutting system, the cutting process is not only far quicker but much more accurate.  The plasma torch motion is controlled by sophisticated software and automatic torch height control (ATHC) helps ensure that the torch is always at the ideal height to achieve the most precise cuts without wasting material.