What Kind of Sheet Metal Is Used in HVAC Ductwork?

Sheet Metal for HVAC Ductwork Sheet metal for HVAC ductwork is a popular product for professional metal fabricators as it is always in demand. Indeed, new buildings require new HVAC systems and older buildings may need new systems when the old ones fail, so specializing in sheet metal production for HVAC systems can certainly be a reliable source of income. Typically, there are two types of metal sheet used in HVAC ductwork: galvanized mild steel and aluminum.

Galvanized Mild Steel

When steel has been galvanized, it has been coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and rusting, helping to maximize its lifespan in a ductwork system. Furthermore, mild steel is pliable and can be fabricated into nearly any shape with relative ease. This makes it particularly useful for uncommon HVAC system designs and specific installation requirements. Once the mild steel sheets are fabricated, they are typically wrapped in an insulating material to enhance performance.


Like mild steel, aluminum is versatile and can be easily shaped into sheets for HVAC applications. Compared to steel, however, aluminum is lightweight, making it much easier to install. During installation, aluminum panels are attached using aluminum tape and glue.

Fabricating Mild Steel & Aluminum for HVAC Systems

Because steel and aluminum are both conductive metals, professional fabricators often use CNC plasma cutting machines to process these materials. Machitech is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty CNC plasma cutting tables that can help improve the quality of sheet metal production. Plus, our solutions include free and unlimited support for life. Contact Machitech today to learn more.