Should I invest in a 4’ x 4’ or 5’ x 5’ CNC plasma table?

One thing to consider when you choose a table size is what the most common sheet sizes are when you go buy the material from your steel supplier.

Typically, if you have a 4’ x 4’ or a 5’ x 5’ cutting area you will need to special order this material or you will need to cut or shear it down to a size that will fit your CNC plasma table. This is an extra step and could be an extra cost that you would not incur if you purchased a 5×10 table size as this is a commonly stocked plate size.

Another thing to consider is, will all your parts fit within a smaller nest? Having a larger processing area allows you to nest your parts more efficiently.

Lastly you will find that going to a smaller table is not going to save you much money. All the expensive components are there whether you have a small table or a larger one. The extra cost to go up to a 5’ x 10’ or even a 6’ x 12’ is just steel and some welding.

In the years of selling this equipment, I do not recall anyone say they wish they had bought a smaller table if they have the extra shop space. The added room gives so many more options for you down the road, especially the additional customers you can service.

You can always count on Machitech for helping you choose the right table size for your fabrication needs: 888-988-7220