Three Ways the Right CNC Plasma Cutting System Will Help Improve Efficiency

A CNC cutter in action

Custom metal fabricators take pride in their work, but they know how challenging it can be to get ahead in a crowded industry. Efficiency and timely turnarounds are just as important as the quality of the fabrication, which is why more and more professional metal fabricators are switching from handheld torches to CNC plasma cutting systems. The benefits of automated burn tables include reducing waste and costs, improving the quality of cuts, and streamlining the production process.

Preventing Cutting Mistakes

Let’s face it, even the most talented metal fabricators are still prone to human error when using a handheld torch. Cutting mistakes not only slow production, but they also waste raw materials and associated costs. With automated controls, a CNC plasma cutting system eliminates the error factor by allowing fabricators to upload a predesigned profile or a custom shape from computer-aided design (CAD) software, where they can identify and remedy any cutting issues before the work even begins. This technology can go a long way toward reducing waste.

Computer-Controlled Operations

Once the kinks in the profile are ironed out with help from the computer-aided machining (CAM) and CNC software, the system will perform all the fabrications that are needed. Computer-controlled operations deliver absolute precision, creating straighter and finer cuts than what is possible with a human hand guiding the torch.

Streamlining Production

CNC plasma cutting systems take control of the fabrication process. With a perfected profile being precisely cut on each plate entering the system, production can be greatly increased. And because the operations are automated, fabricators can move on to the next project, ensuring their output is continuous and uninterrupted by wasteful mistakes.

Other Ways CNC Plasma Cutting Systems Improve Efficiency

Metal fabricators quickly reap efficiency benefits when they invest in a CNC plasma cutting system. In addition to fewer cutting mistakes, better quality work, and streamlined production, CNC burn tables can help:

  • Reduce labor costs – Typically these machines only require one technician to operate, allowing fabricators to maintain a lean workforce.
  • Improve safety – Handheld torches come with health and safety risks. With a CNC plasma table handling the fabrication, however, no human hand need ever get near the flame.
  • Make fabricating easier – CNC plasma cutting systems are easy to use and don’t require a lengthy training process to understand how to operate them.

Where to Find Quality CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

At Machitech, we offer heavy-duty CNC plasma cutting tables that can improve the efficiency of any size shop, from small one-man operations to large-scale fabrication facilities. Our burn tables come with free and unlimited lifetime support and are therefore a safe investment for custom fabrication businesses. Contact us today to learn more.